Lectures & Workshops

All lectures are about 1 hour long with a question and answer period.  Except for "One Quilter's Journey", they are power point presentations followed by lots of quilts of various sizes.

South of the Border
My interest in Mexican folk art began on a trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2008. There was eye candy everywhere and I found it was well suited as a basis for quilt designs, especially the Talavera tiles.  Join me as I talk about my trip to Cabo and subsequent visit to Puebla, a city that is covered in tile, in search of inspiration and design ideas, how to transform a tile pattern into a quilt and the resulting quilts created from the Mexican tiles .Cheryl's first  book,  ¡Quilt Fiesta!, a book  is based on this journey of creation.

A Unique Personality
Every choice you make when designing a quilt, makes it unique. A computer can be a powerful tool in help to personalize your designs. This lecture will cover the specifics about how to print on fabric and how to transform your words, photos and drawings into patterns for appliqué. Many ways will be demonstrated to include photos in your quilts and how to make each of your quilts unique and individual adding the right amount of embellishment, from beads to buttons to bits & pieces from your travels.   Leave this lecture with the tools to go home and start working on your own personalized quilt.

Inspiration From Squiggles and Dots
This lecture was inspired while on vacation in Florida. The wallpaper in the hotel room shouted out to me - "I would make a great quilt." I started looking at the world and objects around me and found lots of inspiration from everything from wallpaper to sidewalks to wine labels to wrought iron gates. Using photos and finished quilts, you will see how inspiration can be transformed into a quilted piece.

One Quilter's Journey
Many of us learn how to quilt by taking a class at a local shop. Traditionally, we make our first sampler quilt by hand - using hand piecing, hand appliqué and hand quilting. These methods are soon left behind for the expediency of the machine. But, while we gain productivity, we lose the pleasure that handwork can bring. Follow me on my journey as I start quilt making by hand, head down the machine path and come full circle to using handwork to embellish my quilts. This lecture is a trunk show.

Sensational Silk - NEW

Silk Dupioni is a luscious beautiful fabric that has such an elegant shimmer to it.  It can add richness to any project.  It has a unique quality based on its slubs and iridescence.  I will share my silk body of work that includes everything from Jewish ritual pieces to traditional quilts to contemporary quilts.  Learn how to tame this potentially difficult fabric and have the courage to cut it and use it on one of your projects.



Surprising Designs From Mexican Tiles      6 Hour Workshop

Using my book,  ¡Quilt Fiesta! as the basis for this workshop, design your own Mexican tile quilt. Create your own block including how to manipulate the secondary design formed where 4 block corners meet. You'll learn to "translate" a tile's solid colors into today's print fabrics. Then learn some nifty methods for visualizing a quilt from just one block. 
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                   Black Bean Mole                 6 Hour Workshop

This scrappy quilt was inspired by a Mexican tile.  The circular design is a secondary pattern obtained where the corner quarter circles come together. This is an easy quilt to make with only 4 pattern pieces, using machine fusible appliqué – no curved piecing.
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Everything You Always Wanted To Know
About Fusible Appliqué         6 hours

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced quilters. We will start with the basics of machine appliqué beginning with the different fusible products and how to transfer your designs. Then using a myriad of techniques,including top stitching, zig zagging and blanket-stitching, we will progress to reversible appliqué, 3-D appliqué, using netting and fusible binding - all by machine. This is an action packed class filled with lots of tips and techniques and you will end up with a 22" x 30" bird themed appliqué sampler.
Materials Fee: $5.00
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Embellished Beauty                6 Hour Workshop

Create a whimsical framed fabric piece of art using a photo, a small applique piece, a special piece of fabric or a UFO. Learn about printing photos and words on fabric, how to create appliqué letters using your computer, how to tastefully embellish and how to really make it exciting by finishing it with uneven edges. Optional kit fee
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Whimsical Valentine                        3 Hour Workshop

 A fun project to create this whimsical Valentine that measures 6”wide x 8” high.  Learn various embellishing techniques including beading on fabric, polymer clay embellishments, adding buttons, and uneven edges and fusible binding.
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Book It!    2 or 3 Days

Using the same techniques taught in the Small Works class, develop several unique pages based on a theme. Then we will learn several techniques for turning those pages into an amazing, eye-popping books.


Sewing With Silk                                           6 Hour Workshop

Have you been intrigued by the sheen and glamour of Dupioni Silk but are afraid to work with it?  Dupioni silk is a beautiful and multi-faceted fabric that adds elegance to any project. It can be prepared so that it will behave like cotton.  Cheryl will share her tips for working with dupioni while each participant will design and construct a wallhanging out of half square triangles. Kit is required.  It  includes fabric, tips and patterns to create a wallhanging that measures  24" x 36".  Kit Cost: $40.00
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Curvalicious - 6 Hour Workshop

If you are stuck in a cotton-quilting rut and have wanted to try an alternative fabric,  then this class is for you.    This silk piece is a show stopper.  It’s construction looks quite complicated, but only one template is used to create this wallhanging.  The complementary colors of the handstitched circles complete a stunning design.   Learn the ins and outs of working with dupioni silk and how to treat it for fusible machine appliqué.  Silk Kit: $35.00

 Buttons, Beads and Embellishments
From Polymer Clay          3 Hour Workshop

Have you ever needed just the right button or bead for a project and you couldn’t find it anywhere? Do you like to add embellishments to your quilts?  Learn to make your own! Polymer clay is a versatile medium to create unique and unusual quilt adornments.
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Thread Dyeing             3 Hours

Create beautiful and unique cotton thread for hand stitching or bobbin work using a quick and simple method.  With prepared dye stock, experiment with different weights of thread and different color combinations.  Solid or variegated? Your choice.

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Digital Printing Demo                                   3  Hours
Do you want to learn how to get your photos from your camera onto your computer and how to edit them once they are there?  Do you want to learn how to edit those photos and print them on fabric?  How about printing words on fabric using your computer?  Cheryl will share her tips and little tricks for successful digital printing as well as showing how you can use your word processing program to create beautiful word appliques of any size. 

Bring your camera with some photos for hands on practice.

Materials fee: $5.00