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You have reached the home of the newly developed Curvalicious cool tool.

I designed this acrylic tool to create this quilt:

I made this quilt using dupioni silk.  It was inspired by something I saw during lunch with a friend at a local deli. She was talking away and all the time I was thinking bout how I could turn this design into a quilt!  I don't work in a regimented manner or if I say it another way, I fly by the seat of my pants.  When quilters saw it, during my guild visits, they wanted to learn to make it.  I must admit, it is a stunner, especially when it is made using silk.

To be able to offer it as a workshop I had to reverse engineer it.  This is how I ended up learning about acrylic templates.  I decided I wanted it "Made In America" and found a company  that was willing to work with me.  I sent them a paper drawing!

This was the birth of Curvalicious, my new cool tool.  
Now I am making it available in my etsy shop.

I am making my kit available also, since silk dupioni is hard to find, especially in small amounts. 

  It includes directions, dupioni silk, fusible web and stabilizer.

It is also available in my etsy shop.

And here's a video showing how to use it to make a skinny quilt:

(For some reason, on some computers the video is not starting from the beginning.  If this happens to you, use the tool bar at the bottom of the video and move it back to the beginning.)

The tool can be used to create other quilt designs and even to make  scalloped edge.  We are working on all the possibilities and are asking quilters to upload their finished projects to our Flickr group and become part of the Curvalicious Crew!
Click HERE.

As I design more quilts, I will add the patterns with the directions on this page. 
They will be free, so check back often.

For directions to finish your quilt with facing, Geri Riggs is sharing her technique.  It is my favorite.

                            Order the tool                     
Thanks for taking the time to check out Curvalicious. 
 It's a new way to make a complicated quilt, simply.

Cheryl Lynch

New Patterns:

Patriotic Curvalicious

Striped Curvalicious
Directions in development
 Nine Patch Curvalicious
Directions in development

Curvalicious Pillows
This is one of the classes I will be teaching at Mid Appalachian Quilt Symposium this summer

A Day At The Beachalicious
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I am teaching this class at Mid Appalachian Quilt Symposium this summer
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  1. Congrats Cheryl..LOVE "Curvalicious"....great video...can't wait to give this a try!

  2. I watched the entire video....loved it!!! Looking forward to taking the Curvalicious class with you when you visit the Warwick Valley Quilters' Guild again!

  3. Great video - like taking a workshop. Thank you!

  4. Just finished sewing down the binding on my table runner. Loved the workshop and love the ruler. Will be using it again and again. Here's a link to my blog.

  5. Is this tool sold in Australia? I'd like to get it, but not with expensive shipping charges. Hope to find it in the shops, here!

  6. I will be taking your class at the Pomegranate Guild convention Atlanta.
    Can we buy the whole kit, fabrics included, instead of bringing our own?
    I am excited about working with you?
    Brenda Bookman


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