Monday, May 4, 2020

Did You Hear I Have A Fabric Line?

I'm not sure how many of you follow me on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.  It is very easy to post a snapshot in time on social media.  Blogging is better to tell a story.  Having said that, I do post a lot more on IG and FB.  It's quick and easy and the feedback from readers is immediate.

I recently shared that I am now a fabric designer with Hoffman International.  You won't be surprised to learn that it's a mosaic print based on batiks.  There are 16 SKUs or colorways.

The name of the collecction is Mosaic Masterpiece.  Here's an unboxing video:

I wasn't too excited, was I?
I am currently working on patterns to feature the fabric.   Pattern designers have different ways of working. I used my Queen Bee Mini Mosaic Quilt and turned it into an applique pattern, 
but BIGGER!   
The applique Queen Bee Mosaic Masterpiece pattern will feature 2 sizes. The small one is a wallhanging (about 20" x 24")

 and the large size will make a nice crib quilt, measuring about 36"x48".
The large one has a Curvalicious border.
Much easier when the fabric looks like tiny pieces of fabric mosaics.

Actually, both of those quilts are digital images. 
 Here are two of the small quilts that I made with the fabric, for sales rep samples.

The fabric will arrive in your local quilt shop in October. (But I may do a giveaway or 2 before then.)
I will keep working on the patterns (there will be 5) and they will be available in July.

One more thing.  I'm offering a  3 hour Mini Mosaic workshop on Zoom on Saturday, 5/9.  It's $25 and you will be working on your own project.  If you need one, order it soon and I will ship it out immediately and you will have it by Saturday.
Click HERE to find the class.
Click HERE to purchase a pattern or kit.