Monday, May 4, 2020

Did You Hear I Have A Fabric Line?

I'm not sure how many of you follow me on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.  It is very easy to post a snapshot in time on social media.  Blogging is better to tell a story.  Having said that, I do post a lot more on IG and FB.  It's quick and easy and the feedback from readers is immediate.

I recently shared that I am now a fabric designer with Hoffman International.  You won't be surprised to learn that it's a mosaic print based on batiks.  There are 16 SKUs or colorways.

The name of the collecction is Mosaic Masterpiece.  Here's an unboxing video:

I wasn't too excited, was I?
I am currently working on patterns to feature the fabric.   Pattern designers have different ways of working. I used my Queen Bee Mini Mosaic Quilt and turned it into an applique pattern, 
but BIGGER!   
The applique Queen Bee Mosaic Masterpiece pattern will feature 2 sizes. The small one is a wallhanging (about 20" x 24")

 and the large size will make a nice crib quilt, measuring about 36"x48".
The large one has a Curvalicious border.
Much easier when the fabric looks like tiny pieces of fabric mosaics.

Actually, both of those quilts are digital images. 
 Here are two of the small quilts that I made with the fabric, for sales rep samples.

The fabric will arrive in your local quilt shop in October. (But I may do a giveaway or 2 before then.)
I will keep working on the patterns (there will be 5) and they will be available in July.

One more thing.  I'm offering a  3 hour Mini Mosaic workshop on Zoom on Saturday, 5/9.  It's $25 and you will be working on your own project.  If you need one, order it soon and I will ship it out immediately and you will have it by Saturday.
Click HERE to find the class.
Click HERE to purchase a pattern or kit.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

How To Create A Scalloped Border For Your Quilt

In my last blog post I shared my most recent mosaic quilt, "Whitney Lake".  If you missed it, you can find it HERE.

I like using a scalloped border, whether it is the inner, outer or edge.  
It really makes a plain border, very elegant and special.
I used it on my quilt, "South of France", as the inner border:

and on my first large mosaic quilt," Keyfetti Fish", created while wintering in Key West. This border is scalloped and a facing was used to finish the edge. (It was photographed on a black background.)
35" x 48"

I have used a few diffferent methods to create a scalloped border for a quilt.  The key to them all is, Curvalicious.It's a cutting guide I developed about 5 years ago.  I designed it to make curved looking quilts, but I found out that I could use it for amazing and complex looking borders.
It measures 24" long.  The Curvalicious website shares lots of ways to use it as well as a link to my YouTube video demoing it as a border tool.

When the quilt's dimensions are divisble by 6, a mitered border might be the best method to use.  Otherwise, the method I used for Whitney Lake works well and is pretty simple.

First, I added a 4" border all the way around the quilt.

 After quilting the border, scallop the border using Curvalicious and a 28mm rotary cutter.

 It is a bit of a challenge to cut through all the layers, but it's so worth it. Sometimes you need a little scissors help. To achieve balanced corners, make sure you stop about 6" from the edge.

Using tracing paper or parchment paper, or any paper  you can see  through, create a curved corner.  I fold  the paper in half to make sure it's symmetrical. I use that template to trim each corner.

Then I made a 2" strip of bias binding.  After stitching it to the front with 1/4" seam allowance, I turned it to the back and with the help of wonder clips, I handstitched it to the back.

And Voila!
A border that really frames a quilt.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My Newest Mosaic Art Quilt

40" x 50"
I have fnished my newest mosaic quilt. I could have named it many things, but I've decided to keep it simple and call it Whitney Lake.  We have had a vacation home on Whitney Lake in Hawley, PA for 30 years.  There is so much Lynch  history there.  While our boys were growing up we spent a good part of the summers there.  There was swimming and fishing and blueberry picking.  There were video games on the rainy days and  a gang of boys that hung together and sometimes got into a little mischief. We spent Thanksgiving there and President's weekend ice fishing on the frozen lake.  I have wonderful memories of quilt retreats with girlfriends and students.  There was a little lull in our visits as the boys got interested in sports and headed off to college.  Fortunately, they both dated girls who loved it there too and both of them  married those girls lakeside. So it's a place with lots of memories.

I started the quilt 2 years ago using lots of photos to "stitch" together and construct the scene and thought often about those two empty chairs on our dock.  It has been a long road.  There was a 1 year hiatus where I just couldn't work on it.  Then when I finally returned to working on it I  had some issues with the lake water and contrast.  (Oh contrast, my nemesis!)
Here's an overview:

First the left side and then the right.

And now it's done, and it feels good!

I did debate wether to use a Curvalicious border since all of my mosaic art quilts include it for the border. So I scallopped the border this time and it's just perfect. My next post will have details of the  quilting and borders. You can purchase Curvalicious HERE and watch how to use Curvalicious to create an amazing border HERE:

"Whitney Lake"has now entered the inner circle of my most favorite quilts.
And what would a special quilt be without a special label.

It's a great time to finish a special quilt.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show

I realize I haven't written a blog post since August, but it was my plan to streamline the writing that I do.  I have been doing most of my  sharing on FB, IG and in my FB Group.  If you want to join my FB Group, click HERE.

I am writing this post to share a wonderful diversion with all the locations in one place. The Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show is located on FB.  It started April 1 and runs though the 10th.  Each day from noon to 8PM, 60 quilt designers are giving a trunk show with a variety of their quilts  for 15  minutes, every hour on the hour.  Look at the  schedule below and click on the link.   I have been keeping my ipad next to my sewing machine with a timer to remind me.

My turn is on April 6, Monday, at 2:00 EST.  I'm going to share my Mini Mosaic quilts and the inspiration.  Hope you can join me.

I hope you've been staying safe and have plenty of quilting/reading/gardening to do.  I've been working on an alphabet  instruction book (I'll be sharing the  cover quilt during my trunk show) and making quilts with my new fabric line that I will be able to share soon.

April 4

April 4 12pm EST Sherry Shish - Powered By Quilting
April 4 1pm EST Bill Locke - Bill Locke Designs
April 4 2pm EST Toni Smith/Quiltoni
April 4 3pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis
April 4 4pm EST Jennifer Fulton
April 4 5pm EST Jessica Caldwell/ Desert Bloom Quilting
April 4 6pm EST Monique Kleinhans / Ladybug's Cabin
April 4 7pm EST Heather Long / Coffee and Quilts
April 4 8pm EST Marija Vujcic, Mara Quilt Designs

April 5

April 5 12pm EST Ebony Love
April 5 1pm EST Bill Locke
April 5 2pm EST Marlene Oddie
April 5 3pm EST Sandy Fitzpatrick
April 5 4pm EST Reed Johnson
April 5 5pm EST Diane Harris
April 5 6pm EST
April 5 7pm EST Kathryn LeBlanc/Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio 5 8pm EST

April 6

April 6 12pm EST Becca Fenstermaker
April 6 1pm EST Cherry Guidry
April 6 2pm EST Cheryl Lynch
April 6 3pm EST Annie Smith
April 6 4pm EST
April 6 5pm EST Reeze Hanson
April 6 6pm EST
April 6 7pm EST
Melissa Marginet
April 6 8pm EST

April 7

April 7 12pm EST Margaret Willingham/ Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design
April 7 1pm EST Kate Colleran/Seams Like A Dream Design
April 7 2pm EST Barbara Cline
April 7 3pm EST Barbara Persing
April 7 4pm EST Ms P Designs USA/ Sharon Andersen
April 7 5pm EST
April 7 6pm EST
April 7 7pm EST
Diane Harris
April 7 8pm EST Christa Watson

April 8

April 8 12pm EST Tina Dillard/Quilting Affection Designs
April 8 1pm EST Raija Salomaa/Quilters' Treasure Chest
April 8 2pm EST Robin Koehler//NESTLINGS by Robin
April 8 3pm EST Terri Vanden Bosch
April 8 4pm EST Jackie Kunkel
April 8 5pm EST Leanne Parsons
April 8 6pm EST Laura Piland/Slice of Pi Quilts
April 8 7pm EST
Ebony Love
April 8 8pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis

April 9

April 9 12pm EST
April 9 1pm EST Nancy Scott 9 2pm EST Jayme Crow/Bella Nonna Design Studio
April 9 3pm EST
April 9 4pm EST
Jen Frost
April 9 5pm EST      Annie Smith
April 9 6pm EST Karen L. Miller / Redbird Quilt Co.
April 9 7pm EST Kathryn LeBlanc/Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
April 9 8pm EST Monique Kleinhans / Ladybug's Cabin

April 10

April 10  12pm  Sarah Maxwell
April 10     1pm  Teresa Weaver 10     2pm  Karen Overton
April 10  3pm Alison Stothard
April 10     4pm
April 10  7pm Toni Smith/Quiltoni
April 10     8pm Marija Vujcic, Mara Quilt Designs

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