Sunday, May 12, 2019

Grieving with Gratitude

I feel loved.  It's a feeling I don't take for granted anymore.
I'm writing this on Mother's Day.  I am so lucky to have 2 sons that get it.  They have wrapped me up in their arms and shown me an amazing love.  They have grown into such wonderful men.
Their father would be so pleased.
My DIL shared this post on her IG feed.
Love that girl!

This morning was breakfast out at one of my favorite restaurants - White Dog Cafe, in Wayne.  You gotta love a restaurant that has a dog theme.

And there was this needlepoint pillow on the booth seat next to me that look exactly like my girlfriend!
And yes, it's still there, as tempting as it was to hide it under my shirt.

And tonight, I'm being fed by the Philadelphia Lynches!

It's been a whirlwind.  I just returned from the Arapahoe County Quilt Guild outside of Denver. 
On my way there, this airport art, spoke to me.

 It was an amazing visit with a group of very talented quilters. I love the pre-meeting social time.  
The workshop was the next day.  These ladies were so creative and entertaining!  Here's some of their mosaics

A few week ago, my wonderful SIL passed away. Her name was Barbara Lynch Rodgers.  
Her laugh lit up a room.
My son and I drove out to Pittsburgh for the funeral. There's still family there.
Seeing the raw, deep sadness of her husband was so heartbreaking ,
 but it showed me that I am slowly healing.  It is possible.

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