Sunday, October 25, 2015

Autumn at the Lake

Spending a few days at our place in the mountains. We missed the peak of the foliage colors, but just by a bit. It is still beautiful. 
It rained last night and it's still grey this morning, but it's so cozy with a fire in the fire place. 
The colors make me hungry (actually everything makes me hungry), so I may have to make an apple crumb pie today. 

I shocked my hubby when I didn't pack my sewing machine in the car. I decided to work on my Israel inspired mosaic minis. No machine needed!
I'm teaching it at the AQS show in Daytona Beach, FL in February. I can't tell you how excited I am to be included as an instructor. It has been a goal of mine for years. Im still pinching myself. It is one of two of my classes. I'm also vending at the show, so maybe I'll see some of my Florida friends there. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

On Line Quilt Retreat

The time has come for me to accept registrations for Quilted Adventure.  If you did not received my email with the details, I'll share them now.  If you did receive my email, please forgive me and press the delete key!

My project, the Curvalicious Tote, will only be available if you register for the Quilt Adventure, at least until 2017. 

 During the retreat, there will be 2 video classes showing how to make the tote step by step, including how to choose the fabrics, how to quilt the bag and how to construct it, in addition to other options to make the tote a diaper bag or a beach  bag or a travel bag or ??? (Use your imagination!)

In addition to my project, this what you will get for $99.
* 12 different video classes with their accompanying PDF documents. (That breaks down to $8.25 per class.
* a Mystery Quilt with monthly video clues and PDF file
* Giveaways
* Fun swap opportunities
* Livestream video sessions with chats
* Access to your instructor for asking questions
* Instructor interviews and video tours of their studios
* Interaction with other quilters from around the world
* You will also have access to everything forever! There will be an option to download the files at the end of the  retreat so you can keep all your video lessons indefinitely.

All this for $99!

Here are some of the other projects:

Some of the teachers include Vanessa Vargas Williams, aka Crafty Gemini, Ebony Love, Melissa Mora and  Lora Douglas.  Plus a hands on dyeing class with Dippy Dyes - Lisa Reber and how to make decorative polymer clay buttons as embellishments.

The classes are designed to be both beginner friendly and suitable for the more advance quilter.  The instructors will be happy to answer your questions.

If you sign up by October 20, you will be eligible for one of 100 quilters goodie bags.  The winners will be chosen randomly.  

In addition to that, the first 20 quilters that sign up through my link, will be eligible for 20% off EVERYTHING (not just Curvalicious) from my etsy shop, except for shipping.

If you are wondering who won the free year long retreat, it was

The classes will start in January and last all of 2016!

and follow the prompts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I had a great day today giving my lecture, "Sensationa Silk", at my quilt guild, Calico Cutters.  It was a packed house with 14 visitors.

These women are very taleneted quilters and I hope I encouraged them to try quilting with silk dupioni. I know they can do it.

One thing that I forgot to share with them was the Quilted Adventure Retreat. I had postcards with all the details. I know many of them already own Curvalicious and would really enjoy my project.

The Curvalicious tote bag is only one of 12 different projects that you can make over the course of one year.  It's a great value to get 12 on line classes for less than $9.00 each.  
Here's a video with a peek into the other classes.  
You can try your hand at fabric dyeing, making hexies, fabric adornments, a baby quilt and more.

And there's still time to register to win all this for free!
I'll pick the winner on Saturday and make the  announcement on Sunday.
Head to to register

Good luck!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Beautiful Day in NYC

NI had to do a quick trip to NYC to buy some dupioni for an upcoming workshop. I always get a warm greeting when I enter my favorite silk shop, Butterfly/Bazaar Silks. They're located on 39 th St. All the fabrics in their store are from India. 
Even though it was such a quick trip, I had some time to visit my new favorite bagel shop, Brooklyn Bagels. Actually I don't think you can go wrong buying bagels anywhere in NYC. 
And check out these spreads. 
I think I'll try fig next time. 
The woman behind me ordered a coconut bagel. I was very intrigued because I love coconut. She said it was yummy so I bought one, and a couple of others, to bring home. (In full disclosure I didn't eat breakfast to save my calories for a yummy bagel and cream cheese that I ate on the bus going home. )

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Win It Before You Can Buy It

I've been bursting at the seams since this summer, when I found out that Curvalicious was going to be included in an amazing on line quilting retreat.  I was sworn to secrecy until today.  Now I can share.

My project is one that many of you have been asking for. It's my Curvalicious Tote Bag.

 You will have the opportunity to take this video class, along with a detailed PDF to make this tote, or your own variation.  I will take you step by step through the process and be available for questions. 
In addition to my class , you will have the opportunity to take 11 other quilt related classes from some amazing quilters.  There will be a mystery quilt and you will become part of an international community of quilters.  AND, you can do it in your jammies, any time of the day or night! For more information, click HERE.

This on-line quilting retreat will last for the entire year, starting in January 2016, with new classes every month.  It's all inclusive.

This week, I am running a contest and giving away 1 free year of classes. I will announce the winner next week. If you are not the lucky winner, you will have the opportunity to purchase a "seat" in this retreat next Sunday.  I will have a special incentive for the first 20 people who sign up through my link next Sunday.  Watch for the email.  Expect more emails as the organizers release more info. For now,you just need to :
                                                                       Enter it!
                                              and Share it!

Enter the contest and join my mailing list

* indicates required

Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm an Embroidering Fool

Since I learned how to use my embroidery model for my Bernina, I have been embroidering like crazy. My husband looks in my studio and wonders why I have 2 sewing machines set up. The new one is dedicated to embroidery and the other is for construction of things to embroider! When I'm done putting names in everything in sight, I'll put away the embroidery module. 

This is my favorite gift to give to new parents/ grandparents. It's a hooded towel. I did not create it, but I love making them, especially when the parents telL me that they use them for years. What little kid doesn't like a hooded cape?
I made two for twins!

I make one from a bath towel and half of a hand towel. 

My friend, Steph, was in China for 2 years and found these colorful designer style bags at what she calls the fake market. I had to wrangle them under the needle, but thankfully, I had no disasters. 
There was one left over, so I embroidered one for myself. 
When you're not using the bag, it folds conveniently flat. You can put it in a suitcase as an extra bag for traveling. 

I spent a good part of the summer working on a secret project. On Sunday, I'll be able to share more details and you'll be able to enter a drawing. For now, this is what I can share. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Come See My Quilts

I'll be the speaker at my guild this month, next Wednesday, October 14. My talk is about taming dupioni silk and how to incorporate it into your quilts. I'll be sharing my most recent silk quilt plus many more. 
The meeting takes place at The Goshen Fire Company at 10:00am.  1320 Park Ave, Easr Goshen. Hope to see you there. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Love Lancaster County

It was time for another lesson on my new sewing machine. I never complain when I have to drive out to Lancaster County. Fall has to be the most beautiful time of year. I could drive along these country roads forever. 

The reason for my visit was the embroidery class. I LOVE to give gifts with my friends and family's names on them. That's really the only embroidery that I do. I have a few items that are overdue and it's time I learned how to embroider with my new machine. 

Here's the place.

Here's everyone's machines set up and ready to learn. 
We got to pick out the color of thread that we wanted to use. 6 colors! Eye candy. 
This was the most amazing site. Stacks and stacks of Bernina sewing machines. Along the wall in the classroom are plaques dating back I don't know how long, awarding Hinkletown the top single location Bernina dealer in the world. I am not surprised. 

Now I can't wait to get stitching. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's Here!!!! The Convertible Backpack

I am so excited.  I have worked so hard on this pattern and I know so many of you have been waiting for it.  The Curvalicious Convertible Backpack has taken me about 5 months to write with lots of photos, photo retakes and lots of edits, from its inception to the finished pattern. I wanted to make sure I got everything right.  It's a unique idea and I  wanted to make sure that the instructions were clear and well written.
So what is a convertible backpack?  This quilted bag, that is made using Curvalicious for the outside, can be worn as a cross body bag.
Then with a simple lengthening of the strap and the click of a swivel clip, it becomes a backpack.
There's a zipper along the top edge that is super easy to sew and there are pockets inside. 
I made mine for a trip, so I created  pockets to hold my tablet as well as my cell phone, passport and pens.  The interior is large enough for my camera and sketchbook. When I traveled in the country, I wore it as a backpack.  As soon as we arrived in Paris, I converted it into a cross body bag, for safety.   I found when I returned home, it was a great every day bag too. Can you tell I'm in love with this bag?
I searched around for the different types of hardware needed to complete the backpack. It took me a lot of shopping and googling to find the types I wanted to use.  To make it easier for anyone that wants to make one, I decided to include the assorted hardware with the pattern.  There's a choice of nickel or antique brass.  And if you want to make more than one backpack, you can buy just the hardware, with no extra charge for shipping.

Where to buy?  My etsy shop.  Click HERE and it will take you there.  I printed 50 copies to start.  I'm not sure how long they will last.   Patterns will ship out either the day I receive your order or the next time the post office is open.  For you late night shoppers, it will ship out the next day.  If I will see you soon at a show or guild meeting, let me know and I'll set one aside for you.  I know you'll love this bag as much  as I do. 
 Plus, if you live near Horsham, PA. I'll be teaching this at The Round Bobbin in 2 class sessions starting in November.

BTW, didn't I find the cutest model? I think she has a future.  
 She's one of my closest friend's granddaughters.  Thx Maddie.