Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Love Lancaster County

It was time for another lesson on my new sewing machine. I never complain when I have to drive out to Lancaster County. Fall has to be the most beautiful time of year. I could drive along these country roads forever. 

The reason for my visit was the embroidery class. I LOVE to give gifts with my friends and family's names on them. That's really the only embroidery that I do. I have a few items that are overdue and it's time I learned how to embroider with my new machine. 

Here's the place.

Here's everyone's machines set up and ready to learn. 
We got to pick out the color of thread that we wanted to use. 6 colors! Eye candy. 
This was the most amazing site. Stacks and stacks of Bernina sewing machines. Along the wall in the classroom are plaques dating back I don't know how long, awarding Hinkletown the top single location Bernina dealer in the world. I am not surprised. 

Now I can't wait to get stitching. 


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day! I agree it is the perfect time to drive around Lancaster.

  2. I'm still unskilled in using the embroidery part of my machine - I need help! I love Hinkletown and Lancaster too!


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