Monday, October 24, 2016

The Big Dance


I'm not much of a sports fan, but I live outside of Philly and college basketball is huge here. There's Villanova, St Joes, Temple, La Salle and Penn. During basketball season, they are extremely competitive. March Madness is all over the news. All the teams want to be invited to the Big Dance, the college NCAA tournament. There are even watch parties and it is broadcast on TV as the colleges wait to hear their seedings. It is BIG news.

The Big Dance in quilter terms is the Fall International Quilt Market. It takes place at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston. It is only open to the trade. It's where retail quilt shop owners, distributors, teachers and magazines come to check out and order the newest fabrics, books and gadgets.

I have been there twice as an author, but 6 months ago, I decided to rent a booth to promote Curvalicious. This is a big deal. It is quite a different experience now that I am responsible for all the details, rentals and finances - as opposed to flying in and signing books!

Companies, especially fabric companies, go all out in decorating their booths. It is a competition and there are awards. With limited finances, I decided to focus on a few items to help Curvalicious stand out. Booth #426, if you're looking.

Since I want the booth to look clean with no distractions, I've opted for no big tables. You can't sell retail. Companies will order wholesale and then the items will be shipped after the show.

What do you think of this as eye candy? Can you tell what I used to make it?

This is the inside. I plan on using it to display patterns.
Did you guess a vintage suitcase?

Two helpers are coming with me (Thank you Kelly and Stephanie) I made them each an apron, mainly using Tula Pink fabric, with BIG pockets. Can you see the Curvalicious edge?

AND, to go with the aprons, I had t-shirts silk screened with the Curvalicious logo. One for each day in 4 different colors. (The logo will be across our backs.)

Plus, I printed a bunch of removable Curvalicious tattoos as a giveaway. I think they'll be a hit.

My favorite booth accessory are my chairs.

Don found these used bridge chairs for me from Craig's List.

First I spray painted them and then I covered them with gorgeous batik fabrics. I really love them.

So this is my pile of stuff that's going to Houston. Some of it will be getting on an airplane with me and the larger items are driving in a car with Stephanie and her wonderful hubby. Im so glad they like a good road trip.

Since I'll be crazy busy setting up, teaching and hopefully selling, I'll be posting lots of photos on Instagram (@oyveyquilts) and on Facebook(@Cheryl Lynch Fiber Arts). I'd love for you to come on this journey with me, as I can use all the support that I can get, so follow me and like me. You'll also get a behind the scenes tour of the Disneyworld of quilting. My hope is that shops are as excited about Curvalicious as I am and they show that by wanting to carry it in their shop.

Go Curvalicious!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Need a Creativity Boost?

I'm often asked, when I run dry of excitement and interest in quilting, what do I do. I have to do something because I have shelves full of fabric, several sewing machines and so many commitments. I never run out of ideas, but it's the impetus to take those ideas and turn them into a quilt, that sometimes becomes difficult. So, what do I do? Sometimes I just wring my hands and worry. Sometimes I visit with other quilters. Sometimes I just get in the car and go some place. Sometimes the trips are well planned. Sometimes the trips are to a museum. Sometimes the trip is a spur of the moment.

This post is FULL of photos, because I want you to share my excitement. I'm still vibrating. Yesterday I took a trip to Luna Parc. It's only opened to the public several days a year. It has been on my calendar for a long time. It's an artistic wonderland filled with so much "stuff". I couldn't wait to walk up the drive. I was not disappointed.

Ricky Boscaro is the artist behind Luna Parc. He's an artist and a craftsman. He calls himself an itinerant artist. He's a jeweler. He's a potter. He's a metalworker and a welder. He's a woodworker. He's a painter. He creates mosaics and sculptures from created and found objects. He works with cement. Is there something I forgot? And, oh yeah, in addition to that he's a collector who collects everything and anything.

Bailey and I roamed the outdoor grounds along with other visitors. I'll just share photos. They speak for themselves.

There were limited tickets for the house tour. I'll post those photos another day since I 'm having trouble with them appearing in my photo gallery. But believe me, they are worth waiting for - a bathroom covered in mosaics, handcrafted wooden stairs, collections of egg slicers, eye cups, taxidermist animals and the most gorgeous stained glass windows I have ever seen plus a view of the house before Ricky started his "decorating".

This visit was such a gift. A gift that will last for a long time. Other than the photos of all these treasures and this sensory experience, I bought myself a real gift, a piece of jewelry crafted by Ricky. The pedals and the wheels move. This man is a genius. His attention to detail is so admirable.

I was fascinated and energized by everything, especially the mosaics and the mosaic sculptures. I see one in my future, whether it be made from tiles or fabric. I'm vibrating with ideas. My creative juices are flowing and I am definitely recharged.

So if you're feeling uninspired or just blah about making art or making quilts, take a little trip.


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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Riding The Capital Trail


Before the craziness of Quilt Market, we took a break to ride the Virginia Capital Trail. (Quilt Market is a trade show for the quilting industry and Curvalicious is making its debut!!) The VA Capital Trail is a multi use Trail that connects Jamestown to Richmond. No cars allowed. 53 beautiful miles with my buddy Bailey in my basket and my hubby

Lots of history along the way. Apparently Sherwood Forest is not only the home of Robinhood, it's also a Plantation - the home of President John Tyler.

But no time to read the signs or visit any of the plantations.

Over the Chickahominy River. I do love riding over bridges.

A great 2 days on my bike. It's been a while and it felt good. Now, to get ready for Market. Stay tuned for a sneak peak of my booth preparations.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Visit With Sara Bond


Today was the start of the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. There are lots of old factory buildings that have been turned into artist's studios. I had driven by this sign when taking a different route picking up my grandson from daycare in Germantown. Later that day, I was surprised when I saw on Instagram that this was the location of quilt artist Sara Bond (@slbphilly). (She's on FB too). I love her quilts and knew I had to stop by during the open studio tours. This weekend is for the studios on the West side of Philly. The dates for the open studio tours in the east is October 22-23. Visit for more info.

Sara could not have been more warm and friendly. She was so generous sharing her knowledge. She creates all these quilts while having a full time job.

She had an amazing stack of quilts that we went through one by one, like when you are shopping for Oriental rugs. This was my favorite. These are my favorite colors and the contract with the graphiccontract of the black and white make it a stand out. I'm also crazy about the quilt behind us AND this homage to stripes.

Sara has lots of room and everywhere there are either quilts or pieces of quilts in her inimitable style.

This was a great self-portrait that we saw on our way out.

Sara will be teaching, "Release the Geese", at Quiltcon in Savanah this coming February and I will be vending there, so I will get to see her again. I'm also fortunate to be the Program Chair for Calico Cutters Quilt Guild, so we talked about her coming to give a lecture. We'll have to wait until 2018, but I know our members will love her quilts.

Visiting with Sara, made my frigrandson me Dina and me in the fabric buying mood. A few minutes away is a local fabric shop called Gaffney Fabrics. They carry some of everything at REALLY good prices.

I have been here before, during one of their amazing sales, where every fabric was discounted $1.00/ yd.

I was clued into their basement last time. There are quilting cottons for $2.99 yd!

I practiced a bit of restraint in my purchases (LOL), hoping I'll get back for their Thanksgiving sale.

This was outside the store and the quote is so inspirational and heartwarming and means much to me as a quilter. We all experience adversity and grief and quilting enables me to share and show my love.