Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Visit With Sara Bond


Today was the start of the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. There are lots of old factory buildings that have been turned into artist's studios. I had driven by this sign when taking a different route picking up my grandson from daycare in Germantown. Later that day, I was surprised when I saw on Instagram that this was the location of quilt artist Sara Bond (@slbphilly). (She's on FB too). I love her quilts and knew I had to stop by during the open studio tours. This weekend is for the studios on the West side of Philly. The dates for the open studio tours in the east is October 22-23. Visit for more info.

Sara could not have been more warm and friendly. She was so generous sharing her knowledge. She creates all these quilts while having a full time job.

She had an amazing stack of quilts that we went through one by one, like when you are shopping for Oriental rugs. This was my favorite. These are my favorite colors and the contract with the graphiccontract of the black and white make it a stand out. I'm also crazy about the quilt behind us AND this homage to stripes.

Sara has lots of room and everywhere there are either quilts or pieces of quilts in her inimitable style.

This was a great self-portrait that we saw on our way out.

Sara will be teaching, "Release the Geese", at Quiltcon in Savanah this coming February and I will be vending there, so I will get to see her again. I'm also fortunate to be the Program Chair for Calico Cutters Quilt Guild, so we talked about her coming to give a lecture. We'll have to wait until 2018, but I know our members will love her quilts.

Visiting with Sara, made my frigrandson me Dina and me in the fabric buying mood. A few minutes away is a local fabric shop called Gaffney Fabrics. They carry some of everything at REALLY good prices.

I have been here before, during one of their amazing sales, where every fabric was discounted $1.00/ yd.

I was clued into their basement last time. There are quilting cottons for $2.99 yd!

I practiced a bit of restraint in my purchases (LOL), hoping I'll get back for their Thanksgiving sale.

This was outside the store and the quote is so inspirational and heartwarming and means much to me as a quilter. We all experience adversity and grief and quilting enables me to share and show my love.


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  1. I love this post. Can't wait to see Sara Bonds Quilts at Calico Cutters. Hope to see more studios you visit.


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