Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday In The Saddle

Today was a beautiful day for a bike ride.  I decided to ride to the Ridley Creek State Park, where I walk almost every morning. For those of you that pay attention to what I write, and I don't even do that myself, I cancelled my trip to ride across the state of NC.  So a nice ride was really needed.
I rode to the park along the route that I used to drive every morning.  Used to drive, because the road has been closed for well over a year for bridge repair.  This is Gradyville Rd.
 It is still closed, but I thought  I would check out the progress.
 This is the sad view. Nothing has been done, except for the fill.
Will they ever repair it? I hope soon because I am tired of driving the detour.
 I was able to carry my bike over the debris and headed to the park,
over the reservoir
and past the stables.

 Ride Stats:

Distance: 26.1 miles
Avg mph: 11.7
Time in the saddle: 2 hrs 12 min
Real Time: 2 hrs 40 minutes

There is a cushioned tape that wraps around the handlebars of a road bike to absorb road vibrations.  Mine was falling off. I kept trying to repair it with electrical tape, but it wouldn't last for long.
My advisor, aka hubby, said "Take it to the bike shop to have it replaced".
I said " I learned how to change flat tires from watching You Tube, maybe I can learn to change the handlebar wrap the same way".  And so I did.
I picked out silver to match the dragonfly decals on my bike.
Old tape
 New tape
I think you can learn almost anything watching You Tube.
Here's the link if you are interested.
BTW, I took lots of photos at our quilting getaway and would love to share them.
But, I can't find my camera, she says as she is pulling out her hair!!!!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday In the Saddle

It was a quickie today. 
 Heading to the Poconos for 3 days of quilting, eating and chit chatting
with the Quiltinis. I'll share when I return.  I know everyone has packed lots of projects.

Springton Reservoir
Distance: 10.2 miles
Avg mph: 12.6
Time: 48 minutes
Real time: 48 minutes
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sewing with Silk at Red Rose Quilt Guild

I really love teaching workshops.  I get to meet the nicest women
 and often times I learn something too.
Look what they did with these bed risers
Now the table is the perfect height for either ironing or cutting.
They told me Walmart - $10.00!
Today's workshop was called Sewing With Silk and I teach how to make dupioni silk as easy to work with as cotton.  During the class, everyone makes a whole lot of half square triangles  from 6 fat quarters and chooses a layout.
They can use my suggestions or design their own.
Sue was working on the layout above
 and then decided she liked the zig zag better.

Some people do their own thing.
If any of you visited Bitty Kinna's Quilt Shop in Intercourse, you'll recognize Gina on the right.
She misses the shop and all the wonderful friends she made.

If you would like to take this workshop with me, give your quilt guild workshop chair the link to my website and workshop description.  Maybe I'll get to meet you!
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Quick Baby Gift

I am definitely in baby mode, but this time the gift is not for my new grandson Henry. 
I'm meeting a friend for lunch.  Her baby is 6 weeks old and
 I just wanted to bring a "little something". 
My goal was to make a gift from what I had on hand.  Surely, with shelves bulging with fabric, I should be able to do this.  My time was limited, so quick and easy was important.  My friend Kelly made this cute onesie for Henry. 

It was quick and adorable, but it meant I would have had to leave my house and buy a onesie.
So I chose to make a burp cloth.  The only thing I needed was some paper to make a pattern.  I normally have a roll of newsprint for pattern making, but I am all out.  So what did I have that I could use? A paper grocery bag.
I cut it open

and cut out half a pattern.  I designed it with a curve so it can snug around  the neck.
Then I placed it on the fold of a 9"x22" rectangle.  Do you recognize this fabric? I used it for Henry's receiving blanket. I love this fabric.  My husband suggested that I make myself some pajamas from it.  I  bought all they had at my Joann's, but it wasn't very much.  I checked a couple of others without any luck.  My friends checked their Joann's without finding it either.  A lot of people must have liked it.  If you find it, PLEASE let me know.  I would love more of it.
I chose 2 very soft fabrics ,minkee and flannel, so either side would feel wonderful on a  baby's cheek.  I appliqued the baby's initial on the minkee side, before I placed the 2 fabrics right sides together.
Minkee is very slippery.  The key to success is to pin like crazy and use a 1/2" seam allowance.
I also used  a walking foot
to help to keep the fabric from slipping.
After sewing, I clipped the inner curves.
I turned it right side out and stitched close to the edge to close the opening.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday In The Saddle

It's been 2 Sundays since I have gotten back in the saddle. After the difficulty I had on my ride 2 weeks ago, I decided that I needed a care free and stress free ride - and I needed to have my trusty companion with me.  I did skip one week last Sunday since I was too jittery to ride waiting for the news of Henry's arrival.  We know how that ended - with the birth of my wonderful little grandson. 
We headed over to the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT).
We started in Valley Forge and rode to Manayunk.
 Since it was such a nice day, there were lots of cyclists and walkers too.
I pass this building every time I ride the SRT.
and always wondered about the Rambo & Regar Globe Knitting Mills.
This was a good excuse to do some googling.  I didn't find much except that it was built in 1897.
My riding buddy surveys the landscape.
I need to make a liner for the basket to make it comfy for her.
 The path is paved along the river.
There were lots of friendly people riding their bikes today.
They all loved Bailey and either wanted to pet her or take her photo.
It was a good ride.
Bike: Hybrid
Distance: 31.2 Miles
Avg mph: 12.5
Time in the Saddle: 2:29 hrs
Real Time: 3 Hrs
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Friday, September 13, 2013

My NYC Hotspots

I needed a New York City fix. 
The Bolt Bus is my preferred mode of transportation from Philly.
I leave the driving to them - with free WiFi!
It was a little eerie entering the city, the day after 9/11.
Heading into the Lincoln Tunnel, going under the Hudson River into Manhattan.
The first stop was my favorite silk store, Butterfly Fabrics located at 256 W 39th St.
I could take a yard of every single color.
All of their fabric is imported from India.
Next stop, Daytona Trim, which is right across the street.
They must have every color and size of ric rac that was ever made.
 There is always something new to discover.
Today it was a store that sold only zippers.
These colors are just yummy.
On my way to meeting my cousins for lunch, I passed a shoe store with a big SALE sign in the window. I doubled back to check it out.  They had the funkiest shoes that I have never seen before.
I came home with this great pair.  I couldn't resist.
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