Friday, September 13, 2013

My NYC Hotspots

I needed a New York City fix. 
The Bolt Bus is my preferred mode of transportation from Philly.
I leave the driving to them - with free WiFi!
It was a little eerie entering the city, the day after 9/11.
Heading into the Lincoln Tunnel, going under the Hudson River into Manhattan.
The first stop was my favorite silk store, Butterfly Fabrics located at 256 W 39th St.
I could take a yard of every single color.
All of their fabric is imported from India.
Next stop, Daytona Trim, which is right across the street.
They must have every color and size of ric rac that was ever made.
 There is always something new to discover.
Today it was a store that sold only zippers.
These colors are just yummy.
On my way to meeting my cousins for lunch, I passed a shoe store with a big SALE sign in the window. I doubled back to check it out.  They had the funkiest shoes that I have never seen before.
I came home with this great pair.  I couldn't resist.
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  1. oooohh, I think I'd get lost in those stores and never come out. what did you end up buying, other than shoes?

  2. Color and fabric overload! What a great day, and such a convenient way to travel to the city.


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