Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday In The Saddle

Today was a beautiful day for a bike ride.  I decided to ride to the Ridley Creek State Park, where I walk almost every morning. For those of you that pay attention to what I write, and I don't even do that myself, I cancelled my trip to ride across the state of NC.  So a nice ride was really needed.
I rode to the park along the route that I used to drive every morning.  Used to drive, because the road has been closed for well over a year for bridge repair.  This is Gradyville Rd.
 It is still closed, but I thought  I would check out the progress.
 This is the sad view. Nothing has been done, except for the fill.
Will they ever repair it? I hope soon because I am tired of driving the detour.
 I was able to carry my bike over the debris and headed to the park,
over the reservoir
and past the stables.

 Ride Stats:

Distance: 26.1 miles
Avg mph: 11.7
Time in the saddle: 2 hrs 12 min
Real Time: 2 hrs 40 minutes

There is a cushioned tape that wraps around the handlebars of a road bike to absorb road vibrations.  Mine was falling off. I kept trying to repair it with electrical tape, but it wouldn't last for long.
My advisor, aka hubby, said "Take it to the bike shop to have it replaced".
I said " I learned how to change flat tires from watching You Tube, maybe I can learn to change the handlebar wrap the same way".  And so I did.
I picked out silver to match the dragonfly decals on my bike.
Old tape
 New tape
I think you can learn almost anything watching You Tube.
Here's the link if you are interested.
BTW, I took lots of photos at our quilting getaway and would love to share them.
But, I can't find my camera, she says as she is pulling out her hair!!!!
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  1. That looks like a nice place to ride and with the road closed, you don't have to worry about cars.
    I have a double bar so I can switch my hand position when I get tired. I also got a special seat so I don't get a sore bum, lol.



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