Friday, September 6, 2013

Self Binding Napkins, OLE

I had a fun afternoon making these napkins.  They are for a fundraiser for my quilt guild.  Every quilt guild that I visit is always looking for ways to raise money to pay for their programs.  It is a universal problem.  Dues just don't cover all the costs.  This month my guild is having a Chinese auction entitled "Guess What's For Supper?".  My friend Hattie and I are making up a basket with a Mexican theme.  I found this great chili pepper fabric on a sale rack in a quit shop and fell in love with the geometric patterns.  It has been sitting on one of my shelves waiting for a project.
I got the idea for making these double sided napkins watching a video from the Missouri Star Quilt Company for a receiving blanket.  It had these great mitered corners.  Why couldn't it be downsized for napkins? 
Jenny used a backing of a 40" square and a 30" square for the right side.
For the napkins, my backing was a 20" square and the front was a 13" square.
Watch the video for directions and make sure you check out their website  and their other tutorials.  I just don't know where people come up with these clever ideas.
To make the topstitching easier, I ironed the polka dot fabric to the chili fabric before I turned it right side out.
I topstitched around the border on the outside and inside edges.
My friend Kelly made napkins a while ago and blogged about it here using directions from this blog, Be*mused, with pretty similar results.
What else are we going to put in our basket?
Salsa, and of course nachos.
Yummy Mexican cookies.
Maybe some of this Freida fabric, or if there is time maybe it will become an apron.
And some other fun surprises.
I can't wait to see what our other members put together. 
I just know we had a great time brainstorming ideas.


  1. Cheryl,
    Those napkins look perfect. Love the colors, hot and spicy like my world!

  2. Great napkins and of course you know I love the dots! I am busy coming up with something too.

  3. Cute Napkins! Thanks for the link, I watched the tutorial too. What a clever idea! Cannot wait to see your finished basket!

  4. how fun is that! I have some fabric that I have been holding onto waiting for something like this!

  5. Colorful, pretty napkins!!! With everyone trying to be eco conscience these
    days, fabric napkins are perfect! The Freida fabric is so cute! Where do you find
    all of these great fabrics? Btw, the tutorial is clever! I have seen her before
    on YouTube! She is great!

  6. As always provide such great information! Thanks so much for this fun project...

  7. This is such a great idea!! I have made that same receiving blanket but it would be ideal for dinner napkins!!! Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea!!!


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