Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday In The Saddle

It's been 2 Sundays since I have gotten back in the saddle. After the difficulty I had on my ride 2 weeks ago, I decided that I needed a care free and stress free ride - and I needed to have my trusty companion with me.  I did skip one week last Sunday since I was too jittery to ride waiting for the news of Henry's arrival.  We know how that ended - with the birth of my wonderful little grandson. 
We headed over to the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT).
We started in Valley Forge and rode to Manayunk.
 Since it was such a nice day, there were lots of cyclists and walkers too.
I pass this building every time I ride the SRT.
and always wondered about the Rambo & Regar Globe Knitting Mills.
This was a good excuse to do some googling.  I didn't find much except that it was built in 1897.
My riding buddy surveys the landscape.
I need to make a liner for the basket to make it comfy for her.
 The path is paved along the river.
There were lots of friendly people riding their bikes today.
They all loved Bailey and either wanted to pet her or take her photo.
It was a good ride.
Bike: Hybrid
Distance: 31.2 Miles
Avg mph: 12.5
Time in the Saddle: 2:29 hrs
Real Time: 3 Hrs
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  1. That looks like the perfect place to take a ride. I need to take my bike off the rack and try it around the yard to see if I have enough balance and if not, I might see about getting a shorter bike.


  2. What a beautiful day for a ride! I just realized the other day the trail goes right by Cait and Jim's house.


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