Sunday, October 25, 2015

Autumn at the Lake

Spending a few days at our place in the mountains. We missed the peak of the foliage colors, but just by a bit. It is still beautiful. 
It rained last night and it's still grey this morning, but it's so cozy with a fire in the fire place. 
The colors make me hungry (actually everything makes me hungry), so I may have to make an apple crumb pie today. 

I shocked my hubby when I didn't pack my sewing machine in the car. I decided to work on my Israel inspired mosaic minis. No machine needed!
I'm teaching it at the AQS show in Daytona Beach, FL in February. I can't tell you how excited I am to be included as an instructor. It has been a goal of mine for years. Im still pinching myself. It is one of two of my classes. I'm also vending at the show, so maybe I'll see some of my Florida friends there. 


  1. Your lake house looks like the perfect place to relax and the colors are still beautiful. We still have areas that are turning here, so hopefully it will last one more week.


  2. Great news about the teaching in FL. How far is that from where you "live" in FL? Looks like you're having fun with the mosaic. Is it a scene of anyplace in particular? Those are tiny pieces of fabric, right? (Not tiles?) Is there fusible underneath that it's sticking to? Too many questions? :):)

  3. What an incredible spot you have, the trees are beautiful! And of course anytime is perfect for apple pie! I just love your mosaic with fabric - wow! What an amazing idea! Your students will love it, I'm sure!

  4. What a perfect project to work on around the fire. The lake looks very tranquil!

  5. Oh my--are these little squares of FABRIC--it looks like a mosaic tile. Just beautiful--wish I were near you to take a class....hugs, Julierose

  6. Lake looks great! What did you decide to do about the wavy borders on your large silk quilt?


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