Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My Newest Mosaic Art Quilt

40" x 50"
I have fnished my newest mosaic quilt. I could have named it many things, but I've decided to keep it simple and call it Whitney Lake.  We have had a vacation home on Whitney Lake in Hawley, PA for 30 years.  There is so much Lynch  history there.  While our boys were growing up we spent a good part of the summers there.  There was swimming and fishing and blueberry picking.  There were video games on the rainy days and  a gang of boys that hung together and sometimes got into a little mischief. We spent Thanksgiving there and President's weekend ice fishing on the frozen lake.  I have wonderful memories of quilt retreats with girlfriends and students.  There was a little lull in our visits as the boys got interested in sports and headed off to college.  Fortunately, they both dated girls who loved it there too and both of them  married those girls lakeside. So it's a place with lots of memories.

I started the quilt 2 years ago using lots of photos to "stitch" together and construct the scene and thought often about those two empty chairs on our dock.  It has been a long road.  There was a 1 year hiatus where I just couldn't work on it.  Then when I finally returned to working on it I  had some issues with the lake water and contrast.  (Oh contrast, my nemesis!)
Here's an overview:

First the left side and then the right.

And now it's done, and it feels good!

I did debate wether to use a Curvalicious border since all of my mosaic art quilts include it for the border. So I scallopped the border this time and it's just perfect. My next post will have details of the  quilting and borders. You can purchase Curvalicious HERE and watch how to use Curvalicious to create an amazing border HERE:

"Whitney Lake"has now entered the inner circle of my most favorite quilts.
And what would a special quilt be without a special label.

It's a great time to finish a special quilt.

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