Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inspiration From Mexican Folk Art

Everyone finds their inspiration from different places. I have always looked around me for my inspiration. Whether it is from a building detail, a wallpaper design or a photograph. My current inspiration comes from Mexican folk art. My husband and I went to Cabos San Lucas last year for a week's vacation. One day we took a bus to San Jose del Cabo. Well, I thought I died and went to heaven! There was eye candy EVERYWHERE! The ceramics and tiles had designs galore. The handstamped silver just called out to me. The idea of milagros (charms for good luck, usually associated with illness) and the retablos touched my soul. And there were these wonderful little tin shadowboxes, some painted-some not, that are called nichos. And Frieda Kahlo's face was everywhere. She is their heroine and is much loved.

I usually do not come home with many souvenirs from vacation. But we definitely needed that extra fold-up suitcase that we brought. I couldn't pass up this beautiful bathroom sink for $60. It fit into one of the carry-on bags and we protected it with clothes. I carried it like it was a baby. When we got to the airport, I was a little nervous going through security. As it went through the X-ray machine, I heard the security guy call over one of his co-workers. He said to him, "You know how I say that people try to carry on everything but the kitchen sink - well look at this lady's bag, she brought the kitchen sink!"

I couldn't wait to create a quilt based on my Frida nicho. I had been thinking about making a shrine quilt. It's called "A Shrine To Planet Earth" and reflects the admiration and wonder that I have for this amazing planet of ours. The quilt also sends a message to preserve and protect. I used lots of cotton, silk dupioni, organza, buttons, beads, and metallic threads. This quilt hung in the Museum of the American Quilt Society ( this winter and will be on display at the Quilter's Heritage Celebration in Lancaster,PA ( at the beginning of April.
My husband, Don, and I are off to Mexico again next week. We're going to a town called Puebla which is famous for making Talavera tile and is the place where mole sauce was created. We're taking some cooking classes, so maybe I'll have a recipe or two to share upon my return.
Hasta luego!


  1. ANother amazing quilt! am looking forward to more inspiration from your current trip. Have fun, Quiltgirl

  2. I love it that you brought home a sink. It is really neat.


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