Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sawdust Art


Last March my husband and I travelled to Puebla, Mexico.  The reason for the trip was to see the buildings covered with Talavera tile and to visit the authorized factories.  It was an amazing trip.  Since neither my husband nor I speak Spanish, we hired a guide through our hotel.  To visit another factory, we had the good fortune of being hooked up with the daughter of a friend of a friend of a friend of a business acquaintance.  Her name is Kenya. 

She picked me up after she was done with work one day.  At 27 years old,

she still lives at home, because she is not married.  She is a lawyer and has a boyfriend.  She was just adorable  and we really hit it off.  I think we got along so well because she is the same age as my kids. She shared so much with me about the Mexican Culture and was a wonderful translator at the Uriarte Talavera factory.

Yesterday she sent me an e-mail with these wonderful photos from her cell phone showing the streets covered with painted saw dust for a religious celebration called The Charity’s Virgin.  I don’t really know what the holiday is exactly about, but I am always so amazed by their culture and traditions and their folk art.DSC01401 DSC01366-1



  1. Wow this is interesting. Sawdust? Is this like sand art or sawdust mixed with paint? Is this permanent?

  2. I believe it is temporary art, created only for the festival. That's a great question about how it was done. I am not sure.


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