Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Family Expands

Sorry for the lack of posts. Not much sewing going on, but lots of other stuff. Life is good!

On November 21st, there was a wedding in our family. My son married his long time girlfriend. They had been dating for 7 1/2 years and were planning on getting married in May 2010 in Philly at a beautiful venue. We, as the groom's parents were planning the rehearsal dinner for all of the out of town guests in town, as a "Taste of Philly". We all were willing to limit our guests to live within their budget. 100 invitees. So, what happened?

In October, the couple invited us out to dinner to "discuss some wedding issues". We knew something was up, because when I was talking about the rehearsal dinner with my son, he asked me if the deposit was refundable. Refundable????

So at dinner, the news was broken. They were getting married by the end of the year. Cancel all the Philly plans. The wedding hooplah and everything so "over the top" had gotten to them. They "just wanted to be married". Immediate family only, 15 guests. At our place on a small lake in the Pocono Mtns - in Pennsylvania, down by the lake where my sons had spent their childhood summers.

I have a daughter!!!! Welcome to the family, the new Mrs. Lynch.


  1. Congrats to you all!!!! Patti Karp (your former classmate from QBL)

  2. Congradulations! What a lovely picture of the happy couple!


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