Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mexican Sink

Hooray!  It's in! 
If you have heard my talk about my trip to Mexico and falling in love with their folk art, you know about this sink.  (You'll also be able to read about it in my upcoming quilting book.)
My husband and I schlepped it all the way home from Cabos.  That was 2 years ago. 
It has been sitting on my living room floor ever since.
We remodelled our powder room and had it installed. 
It looks great and reminds me of our trip every time I enter.


  1. Su nuevo fregadero es magnífico!


  2. I thought all you could say was Arroz com pollo?
    Something tells me you googled that!

    Love the sink! Fabulous, even prettier in person : )

  3. And I thought someone was fluent in Spanish! Gracias Nancy.


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