Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bird Challenge

It's time again for another challenge reveal.  "Layers", my art quilt group, is ready.  Everyone takes turns making the rules for the challenge.  This time it was Lisa O'Neill's turn and you can read ALL of the rules on her blog:  www.athreadfromtheedge.blogspot.com.  The reveal is to take place on our Spring get-a-way down at Christine's house in Maryland.  Our days our filled with eating, laughing, commiserating and quilting.

The theme of the challenge is birds.  We had 6 months to create our piece of art.  So guess when most of us started?  You got it - 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Why do we do this?  We all wanted lots of time because of other projects.  Procrastination. 

The quilt was to be 24"x28" and had to be on a stretcher frame.  I actually did start a quilt over a month ago based on the Kantha Quilts that I had seen at The Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Very folk arty.  After I put on the trees, I realized that what I thought would be the focus of the quilts - the peacocks- could not be as fundamental as I thought.  So could I use it as a bird challenge?  No.  But I wanted to finish it anyway, because I really loved it and I needed some artwork for my walls.  I did end up adding more birds (check out the trees) and maybe could have used it,  but by then it was the WRONG size. 

Then I decided to use a piece of the fabric that I had dyed while I was at Pro Chem.  I used the Internet to come up with all types of bird sayings and stamped them onto the fabric with a dye based ink.  I thought this would make a great background.  But it just looked dirty to me.
Well I really surprised myself when I came up with the idea that I finally used.  My idea came from all of those bird sayings.  I am not really sure how I feel about it.  I know that I have always admired quilters that use humor in their work.  Well, this is my nod to humor.  The title is "Chick Flick".  What do you think?

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