Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have You Read The Wall Street Journal Lately?

The Wall Street Journal isn't just about the stock market anymore.  My husband turned me onto The Journal a bunch of years ago.  There were some very interesting columns such as The Home Front where you can read about properties being sold by the rich and famous such as the California estate that sold for $34 million or the home owned by the Allman Brother's drummer that's selling for a mere $3million in Palm Beach.  A 5600 sq ft Mediterranean style home, less than a five minute walk from the beach.  6 Bedrooms, 6 1/2 baths that he has owned since 1990.  He says he is selling because his children are grown and he is retiring to the south of France.
The Cranky Consumer is a comparison shopping column.  Goods such as ordering a clam bake on-line, holiday photo cards, buying the right bicycle and even comparing mobile apps for a personal trainer have been interesting topics. 
Other interesting columns are Health and Wellness, and Leisure & Arts.  I even find myself sometimes reading the Sports columns.
But recently I have noticed lots of fashion and style articles.  I love reading about the fashion shows in Paris, Milan and New York.  Who doesn't want to know about the must have fashion piece that you need for the upcoming season, even though it costs $4000.And how about that Christian Dior designer,  John Galliano's favorite place to eat breakfast in NYC is room service.  I love to read these tidbits of info.
But I really was blown away the other day, when the headline contained Pantone colors - in the WSJ?  That's right, an article about the new hue for 2011.  The color of the year, predicted by color authority Pantone, will be Honeysuckle - an intense pink - hot pink.  The exact shade is Pantone 18-2120 TCX.  It will be featured in clothes, home dec, nail polish and even water bottles and appliances!  This is important stuff to a quilter.
And all this I learn from reading a business newspaper.


  1. JUst the color I was hoping for....you too?

  2. hahahahahaha....i was just going to write that YOUKNOWWHO is going to be tooooo happy and possibly difficult to live with this year. And look! she beat me to it!!

  3. It IS going to be a happy year for Kelly of Pinkadot Quilts!


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