Monday, January 17, 2011


I have tried to be mindful of my list of New Year's intentions -at least for the month of January.  I have cousins who live in NYC who I have not seen in years.  One of them sends me a birthday e-mail every year.  So as I get older and the numbers of living relatives diminishes, I thought this was the right time to reconnect.

I have wanted to try the Bolt Bus from Philly to Manhattan for a couple of years.  The prices are amazing.  The tickets seem to range in price from $10-13 each way depending on when you buy your tickets and the day.  They even have one $1 ticket for each bus.  This is dirt cheap.  Buying your tickets ahead of time guarantees you a seat.  So that was my transportation choice.  It was clean, comfortable, fast and easy.  The bus actually arrived 15 minutes early.  Definitely a winner.

I have to say that I was a little worried about whether or not we would have enough to talk about.  Would we run out of things to say?  No way!  And I was treated to a delicious New York corned beef sandwich.  Thank you Jody, my cousin and my new friend.

And it is such a coincidence that we have become book authors simultaneously. Based on her professional experience, Jody Spiro has spent 2 years of her life writing  Leading Change  Step-By-Step.   It's even available for your Kindle. Although written for management level educators and business leaders is also apropos for making changes in our own lives.  I just ordered a copy from Amazon.  Check it out.

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