Friday, February 4, 2011

A Unique Solution For Organizing Quilter's Rulers

In the continuing drive to get my studio organized and in tip top shape for my Open House, I'm getting down to the nitty gritty.  That means organizing the items that I have been wanting to do something with for a while.  This has really forced me to come up with some creative solutions.  This square bend screw hook turned out to be the perfect item to use to hang my rulers.  I usually use them to hang my quilts.

 I did not want to use one of those wooden ruler holders that sits on a table with grooves.  I have enough stuff that sits on my tables.  Combining this hook (actually 3 of them) with the door of one of my IKEA cabinets was a great solution.
Now all of my rulers are in plain sight and I don't have to fumble around for the right one.


  1. I didn't want to make big holes, so I got the thumb tack holders.
    The are like a tack, but have a slanted piece in the front and it is perfect for rulers, though I can only hang a few on one, but that is good with me.


  2. Looks great. So much easier when they're hanging up isn't it :-)
    BTW - I love love love ikea!


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