Thursday, June 16, 2011

Charleston Charm

My husband and I took a mini vacation and went to Charleston for a few days.  Such a charming city!  It is definitely  a place to go if you love to eat.  I have never seen so many restaurants before.  We had one place that we knew we had to visit - The Peninsula Grill.  We had seen a Bobby Flay Food throw down  show.  This is where he travels to different parts of the country to visit an iconic type of food and challenges the person to a cook off or as he calls it a throw down.  He had visited Charleston for a coconut cake challenge.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I love cake.  So we went to the Peninsula Grill for dessert.  I am posting this photo for all of my Foodie friends. It didn 't look like coconut cake, but it certainly tasted like it.  Suffice it to say, it was worth the trip!  Yum.

There was also a great little quilt shop with a great selection of fabric.

 Beautiful old houses lined the picturesque streets.  It felt like I stepped back into the 1800's.  Lots of inspiration for future quilts.  There were two recurring themes for me - window boxes and ironwork.  Enjoy the Charleston charm

I love the caladiums.  They were everywhere.


  1. Cheryl,

    Love all the wrought iron gates and window boxes. Still craving for that coconut cake :-)

  2. Isn't Charleston fun...we go over about twice a year. Definitely a foodie town! Even got my Dh hooked on shrimp and grits!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, I just loved the beautiful window boxes and gates. I especially appreciated the cake pic! I hope you had a very relaxing time Cheryl, you both deserve it. Charleston is on my bucket list!

  4. Inspirational ironwork-these are great creations.
    The flower boxes are beautiful too.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Hope you had a great time.


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