Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Challenge Quilt

 I am a member of the challenge committee for our quilt guild, so I thought I needed to make another sample to share.  I wanted to try something contemporary. I chose hydrangeas as my color inspiration and used batiks and silks. 

I also wanted a sample to show our members the fast finish triangles to put on the back as an alternative to a sleeve, for an easy hanging solution.  You can find the directions on the Alzheimer's quilt site.  Click here.

The Priority Alzheimer Quilts are auctioned during the first 10 days of the month.  The auction for July has started.  If you are thinking about participating by making a Priority Alzheimer quilt, check it out to see what people are doing.  Or, maybe you just want to buy one.  (Our guild's quilts won't be auctioned until the end of the year.)   This link will take you there:


  1. Love the wavy piece. I tried doing it and mine made pockets, so I geuss I need to read the book I got on how to do those.


  2. The peacock colours are lovely this will be a beautiful quilt.


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