Friday, August 19, 2011


I always find myself heading to Lancaster County to recharge.  I definitely needed a day out of the studio after the stress of the ark curtain.  For now I will try to forget that I have to make the other side.

This is a great time of year to travel the back roads.  Look at this wonderful farmstand that we always look for.  Check out the prices.

My husband is the chef in our house.  He could not pass up a box of assorted tomatoes for $3.00. It must have weighed at least 10 pounds. He is going to have a busy day tomorrrow.  I requested a roasted tomato basil soup!

And while we were out that way, who couldn't pass up a visit to a couple of quilt shops.  I did have an excuse.  I need to make a quilt and soem blocks for a magazine article.  But who needs an excuse anyway?

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  1. Sounds likek a great way to spend the day.
    I haven't been down there in ages, but will have to take a trip south, one of these days.



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