Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Happy Hattie Day

Today was a Happy Hattie Day. What is a Happy hattie Day and what is the origin of that saying?  I have a wonderful friend named Hattie.  Every once in a while she spends the day doing only the things she loves like baking or sewing.  Then she tells me that she has had a Happy Hattie Day.  Since I can't think of an expression using Cheryl to impart that same joy, I now talk about having a fun filled, no strings attached day, as my Happy Hattie Day. 

After  dropping off the ark curtain to be quilted, I decided this was the day.  I have a list of fun projects for just a day like today.  A couple of them I picked up at the bead show. I do love beads.  I decided to make what we quilters would call a scrappy, beaded expansion bracelet.  Lime green is my favorite color, so I gathered green, white, and clear beads and some charms.

This is the expansion bracelet as I bought it.

There is a slot underneath each of the ridges.  There are 3 rows of them.

To make the bracelet you just need a round nosed pair of pliers, head pins and lot and lots of beads.

You attach one bead at a time with a head pin. 
The head pin keeps the bead from falling off the metal wire.  I turned the bracelet on its side and attached the beads a row at a time, continuing in one direction.

Finished in less than a day.


  1. Hattie is the best! Love your bracelet you crafty girl you!

  2. YOU are simply amazing! I love Hattie's phrase - perfect!

  3. You are too funny - loved the bracelet - even more I love sharing "A Happy Hattie Day" with you.....

  4. beautiful, and your favorite color! June


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