Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #12 - Brownstone Quilters Guild Mexican Tile Quilt

This week, I spent 2 delightful days with The Brownstone Quilters Guild in Paramus, NJ. 2 Lectures in one day and then a 6 hour workshop the next day would have been exhausting except for the energy and warmth of this wonderful group of women.
Paramus used to be my old stomping ground right after graduate school. But no matter where I drove, I felt so disoriented. So much has changed in 25 years, that I recognized very little. The one thing that brought back lots of memories was the confusion of the jug handles and Rtes 4 and 17.

My workshop, "Secondary Designs From Mexican Tiles", was taught solely as a design workshop. It was wonderful to see the blocks that evolved from everyone's creative place.

So to celebrate all my new friends, I decided to create a tiny Mexican tile quilt with an embellished twist.

My 3" block.

Finished block

Quilt's caption, digitally printed on fabric

As you are reading this I am working at the Wonderfil Thread booth at the Lancaster Quilt Show. I will be there from Wednesday until Saturday. My job is to demo couching. That is the thread couching type, not the butt on the couch type. Stop by and visit me if you make it to the show.


  1. Great idea, I will bet they had fun!

  2. I kept reading this as Brimstone and wondered what kind of quilters these were. :-)


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