Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #19 - Here Comes the Bride

"Shut up, show up and wear beige!" 
 That's the advice I was given  by my friends as I became mother of the groom.  Keeping my mouth closed has been very hard for me, but I have tried my best.  I can easily show up.  Wearing beige is another story.  To tell you the truth, with about 8 weeks until the wedding, I have still not gone shopping  for my outfit yet.  Can we say procrastination?  Or can we say, maybe I can still lose a few pounds? It's on my to do list.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the bride asked me to take her and her mother to the fabric district in Philly to shop for the makings of a veil.  The fabric district in Philly is a mere shadow of itself.  Every time I go, there are fewer and fewer fabric stores.  They are now replaced by a variety of shops including bicycle shops, a consignment shop and a custom made shoe shop.

We did find a shop that I had never seen before:

As we entered the store, we saw these amazing headpieces that looked like they could have been in theater productions.

The owner, Patricia, said come on in and play.  Try on whatever you want and see what you like. She was so sweet and so helpful that we could not avoid  playing dress-up. Many of the headpieces she created herself.  It was quite an experience for the mother of 2 boys!

Patricia and Loren
Patricia was so generous with her knowledge.  Loren's mother bought a lovely, simple headpiece.  Patricia then  explained how to make a veil out of 2 yards of bridal illusion, which was bought for $3.00/yd.  This made Loren very happy.

You cannot go to buy fabric without eating at the 4th Street Deli.  You only have to park your car once.  It's that close.  But you have 3 choices when deciding what to order.
1.  Have a hearty appetite
2.  Share your meal
3.  Bring half of your sandwich home for your husband for dinner

At the end of your meal, they hand you a styrofoam take home box and a warm chocolate chip cookie.  And although you are stuffed at this point, the cakes at the check out counter are so tempting, but could feed a family of 4!


  1. It is getting close! Your shopping outing sounds like a lot of fun. Those head pieces are amazing! I bet you were like a child in a candy store with all that detailed work around you.

  2. Beige is not my color either. My mom wore blue to my wedding, never heard that you had to wear beige;)
    What a fun store to shop in and beautiful work.


  3. Gorgeous head pieces. And that sandwich? Oh my, I'm stuffed just looking at it! What a fun day!

  4. will she wear her hair UP

    will the sandich shop sell slices of cake?

  5. Thanks for the vicarious trip to a cool shop, Cheryl!

  6. As another mother of two sons, I understand your feelings of isolation all too well. My younger son is estranged from us. The elder lives in the UK in a house he bought with a lovely Scottish girl (both dance with Birmingham Royal Ballet). We hope for a wedding but I know that "showing up" is our only role. Cherish your time with your soon to be daughter-in-law and especially her family. You might end up with new friends since the distance is manageable! Congratulations! (If we get a wedding ... I'm NOT wearing beige!)

  7. I love this post for so many reasons. As the mother of three boys, as a foodie with a penchant for diners and delis and as a sewer, quilter and crafter. What a wonderful wife and mother-in-law you son has chosen - lucky you! I can only imagine your excitement when walking into the veil store! What BEAUTIFUL headpieces! Loren look just beautiful! The best part is the generosity of the store owner, Patricia, what a lovely person - doesn't that just make it the perfect day? Oh, I have to know, was that Pastrami or Corned Beef? Hahaha!

  8. How exciting, the wedding is almost here!!!!

  9. A Wedding, so exciting! I love when I stumble upon neat little shops. It's great that you were able to spend the day with your future DIL and her Mom. I'm a new follower and I found you via Bea at Beaquilter. I'm hopping along with the blog tour for your book Sew Embellished, which looks wonderful!

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    I thought your coverage of the trade show was wonderful and not long at all.I read your blog all the time and enjoy everything you have to tell us. I would love to win any of your prizes.
    Keep on blogging. You make my day.



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