Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #29 & #30 - Slow Down and Smell the Coffee

Slow down and smell the coffee.

That's what I decided to do this week.
1.  I've made time to meet with some non-quilting friends for coffee. 
2.  I'm trying to learn to like to drink coffee, starting with it in the iced form,
so that I can meet my friends for a cup.
3.  Hand stitching slows me down and lowers my blood pressure.

I have an admission to make.  I often have issues with contrast.  It has happened again with this block.  The choice of the polka dot background, although potentially interesting, detracts from the hand stitching.  It is a lesson that I learn over and over, but I keep experimenting because sometimes  I end up with something fun and exciting. 
So I did take a "mulligan" (as my golfing friend has taught me) and redo this block. 
If you'd like to try it, here's the pattern I designed.


  1. I love how this block has turned out. It looks like someone's having a hot cup of coffee or chocolate on a snow day.
    Your hand stitching is gorgeous. I don't think anything can take away from it.

  2. I just bought your Sew Embellished book and really like your ideas. I am trying to teach myself how to do handstitching. The problem you are having with contrast is a common problem I see with quilters. I have a background as a painter. You work too close. That is, you don't stand away from your work often enough. This is where contrast problems with appear. Put it on a design wall as you work and stand across the room. Your problem will instantly be solved, trust me.

  3. This is lovely! Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Love the hand stitching! I also have a bad time with contrast. I have started making myself use the Ruby Beholder before I complete the block, saves me some time!

  5. I have to be careful of that too, sometimes I think a background would be fun only to find it competes with the design.
    I love hand stitching, but I tend to poke myself constantly, so that irritates me after a while, lol.


  6. Love your coffee cup design! Hand stitching is a perfect slow down and be thankful activity. Thanks for the reminder to do it more often.
    Martha Ginn

  7. I love the embroidery, but I learned a long time ago that if I'm putting that much into some hand work, I have to keep the background reading like a solid....though I do love polka dots too! Thanks for the pattern! It's really cute!

  8. Fun pattern and great resolutions :-)

  9. Your pattern and hand stitching are terrific, but I agree with you about the value. I have had that happen a lot and now try to put my work on my design wall periodically and step way back.

  10. Your coffee cup is very cute! Good luck in learning to drink cffee--to me, it's the elixer of life!
    Thanks, also, for the pattern. You are right about handwork being relaxing and good for your soul and blood pressure. And, as a former coffee house owner, I love any coffee patterns!


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