Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quilt Shop Stop

This is a great shop in the Scranton, PA area.  After spending a couple of days soaking in the tranquility of our little lake in the mountains, I was getting a little restless.  The shop is not around the corner, but now I know it definitely is worth the drive to Tunkhannock.
The owner, Jeannette is so friendly and warm.  We had emailed and spoken several times since she wanted some samples from Sew Embellished! for a Shop Hop. 
She also has copies of !Quilt Fiesta! (which I was thrilled to sign) and the new Martingale calendar with one of my quilts in it.  She sold out of Sew Embellished!!!
Behind us are tons of bolts of batiks.  The shop also has lots of clear bright colored fabric, reproductions and any other type of fabric you could want. Go to the website to check it out.  I was so enthralled that I forgot to take photos.
The shop also is a sponsor of the "Airing of the Quilts".  This is what the website says:
"Imagine a scenic town known as the gateway to the Endless Mountains on a crisp autumn day with hundreds of quilts hanging from buildings, homes, storefronts, and porches all along the street. Yes! That's our 'Airing of the Quilts' in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania on the first Saturday in October." 
It looks like we may have our own Sisters Quilt Show right here in PA. 
Here is the website if you want to read more.

On the drive home, we came across the most amazing Victorian house that I have ever seen.  I do not know the name of the town, but it is very close to the quilt shop. You could tell that lots of love was put into it:

Here's a close-up of the upstairs circular room:
I would love to see the inside of that house.



  1. This shop is sooooo cool. I've been there on a shop hop with some buddies from Syracuse. Also not close to me, but worth the ride. Glad you like it too. Liz

  2. I enjoy seeing your quilty adventures. The Airing of the Quilts sounds very appealing... fall in the Endless Mountains with quilts all around? What could be a better Autumn weekend?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit and it sounds like you are enjoying your vacation. I would love to see a quilt show like that, here.


  4. Isn't that just a wonderful shop? I wish I had known you were going to be there...I would have loved the chance to meet you in person!

  5. Wow, this really takes me back. Many years ago my first husband and I traveled many times the back roads in the Tunkhannock area, as his aunt lived on a mountaintop farm just outside Meshoppen, not far from Tunkhannock! To think there is not only a quilt shop but a wonderful quilt show there every year - how I'd love to see that, but now live over 2,000 miles away. I'm sure I have seen that house but don't recall where it is, so many years have passed.

  6. It looks like a great shop. We should go to the airing of the quilts!

  7. Gorgeous house!! What fun it would be to live in a home like that!! And that almost looks like a "widow's walk" up on top where the wrought iron on the roof is!


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