Saturday, February 15, 2014

From Key West With Love

A belated a Happy a Valentine's Day.

Only in Key West.

I received a new iphone as my gift. Why did I need a new one? Because my 4 month old iphone "jumped" out of my bicycle basket, over the sea wall and ended up in the Atlantic Ocean. I could see it oh so clearly, about 8 feet down. I wish I had taken photos of the many people who tried to help me fish it out with a pool skimmer net, but I didn't have my phone. It could have been a TV show! Eventually, it was retrieved. DEAD.

And here are some photos for all of you snow weary readers.


Customs House

I love reading Hemingway while I am down here. This was one of his favorite watering holes. There are photos of him on all the walls. Although it is very touristy, I like to stop in to channel my inner Ernest.

Key West has a reputation as a drinking town.

This is the Main Street full of bars, restaurants, galleries and shops- home of the Duval Crawl.

(Use your imagination. )

I encountered this lizard on one of my walks.

It scared the $&@& out of me.



  1. Is there still a bra nailed to the wall in Sloppy Joes? That is a wild place!

  2. Thank you for the brief warm respite dear friend. And if you're going to kill your iPhone, it's best to have a great story and you nailed it! Love your posts!

  3. The only time I read Hemingway is in Key West! I can just picture him writing at the desk in his office above the garage

  4. I got a protection plan for mine, since i take it out on the boat, so of course I never drop it, lol.
    We are getting more snow today, so no long rides to the ocean today.


  5. Too bad about the I-phone, but it's quite a story! Great photos. You must have been out early- no traffic on the streets?

  6. The Main Street there reminds me of the main street in Naples when I grew up there. It doesn't look like this any more. Thanks for the short tour around there. I think i might have decided where to vacation next time. ;)


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