Monday, February 17, 2014

Ground Hog Day

It was a week ago that my phone went for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. It was during my weekly sunrise circumnavigation of the island of Key West with my faithful companion on my bike.

I remember the exact spot where we took a few minutes to take in the view, on a bench along the sea wall.


As I was clumsily trying to get Bailey back in the basket to head home, the phone ended up here


That's how clear the water was. So close, yet so far.

It looks shallow, but it's about 6-8 feet deep.

I needed to re-create that morning. I now have a new, functioning phone.




  1. Palm trees--without a layer of snow! What a fantasy. All I can see is white outside.

  2. Too cold to jump in? LOL
    They definitely need to make phones waterproof. I keep mine in my black box on the kayak and just take it out when we land. I love using it for tracking our route and distance.



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