Friday, February 28, 2014


I love patterns.  I see patterns  in everything that can be interpreted into a quilt.  Pattern, designs, motifs, whatever you want to call it, is my inspiration.  The patterns of Mexican tiles happily led to lots of quilts and my first book, !Quilt Fiesta!  I see pattern on the ground in bricks and sidewalks.  I see patterns in wrought iron designs.  I see patterns in wallpaper and architectural details. I see pattern in rugs and furniture.  I call it "Organic Inspiration" for my quilts.
 I always have a camera in my purse or bicycle bag to snap these photos and file them away on my computer. I consider my camera one of my best design tools. When I am designing a quilt or looking for ideas for quilting, I look to these pattern inspirations and also to design books.  Graham Leslie McCallum is the author of a bunch of pattern motif books that I really enjoy.  One of my favorites is Pattern Motifs: A Sourcebook Paperback . His other books are chock full of ideas also.
Another place to look for inspiration for pattern design ideas is Pinterest.  It's got a great search feature, and talk about eye candy!  You can create your own design boards, follow others or just look around.  Be forewarned.  You can spend a lot of time searching and browsing and drooling. LOL 
We bought new furniture for our Key West place this year, so I thought it was time for new occasional tables.
Our current ones are glass and I think they are just an accident waiting to happen,
especially since we rent out our place. 
 If you have been following my blog since the Summer, you may remember
that I painted a toy chest for Henry.
I had so much fun with it and I was so pleased with how it came out, that I kind of wanted to keep it.  But .... I knew one day I would have the opportunity to paint something for myself.  The day has come.  I found a coffee table at the Salvation Army in Key West.  It cost all of $12.00. After spending lots of time perusing Pinterest, I decided I wanted to make it colorful and full of pattern to fit in with the Key West environment.
I decided first to do a little warm up and paint a little gift box for a friend's new grandson,
that I filled  with Q-Tips.
Then I was ready to attack the table.


 Bailey approves!
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  1. Love this table, Cheryl! So happy and cheerful and and fits perfectly to the couch and chair. Great idea!!!

  2. It look very "Key West", colorful and a little wild!

  3. Love your new furniture and your table looks great with it.You came up with a terrific design and painted it beautifully! Did you draw it out and select all the colors ahead of time or did you wing it?

  4. Very deeply cool table!!!
    I've seen people who paint and sell "Elijah's Chairs," for baby namings/brisses....There's a similar joyful, colorful spirit!!!! I'd buy one of your tables! (But shipping might be prohibitive!)

  5. You are so incredibly talented!


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