Friday, August 8, 2014

A Well Loved Man

I made this quilt a little over 15 years ago for my FIL's 75th birthday.

It's all about those things that were important to him at the time and memories. It was such a fun project. I had input from my husband and his 6 siblings. There was a big party to celebrate and guests signed the cream colored fabric around the border. You can tell I made it during my homespun period. I thought those fabrics were manly. None of those fabrics are in my stash any more.

These are some of my favorite blocks:

Falling asleep while putting up the tree late on Christmas Eve.

His high school diploma

The bus he drove while working for the city if Pittsburgh

Catching a big one while fishing with us in Alaska

One of my SILs made sure this quilt followed him and hung on the wall wherever he lived. It shows some wear and tear, but it is still full of good memories.

My FIL was grandfather to 15 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

He was loved and will be missed.



  1. What a wonderful quilt, filled with memories of his life. It will be a treasure for future generations as well.


  2. He was certainly loved by you! what a beautiful quilt full of life he lived! Sleeping while putting up the Christmas tree - that is funny! I can see my husband doing that down the years :)

  3. So nice that he enjoyed it and so nice that your family has this wonderful testament to his life!


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