Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

Here's my booth at The Continental on Rte 30 in Lancaster.
I set it up today and Weds morning I will be "open for business" with lots of help from my friends. Thanks goodness for friends, I don't know what I would do without them.
 This side of the booth looks pretty good.
This side is missing something.  It's missing quilts! Five quilts to be exact.  
You can be sure they will be filling those empty spaces early tomorrow morning.
I'll be demoing Curvalicious hourly.

I was so nervous before the booth was set up.  This is my first quilt show and I don't know what to expect.  So, the question is why do I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone? I know lots of other people do this too.  Why? Can't I just be happy staying in my studio creating quilts? 

Some days I get this huge burst of confidence and commit to participating in a new project.  Then as the time is near, my confidence starts to evaporate and I start to panic. I get nervous and stressed out and start to curse.... a lot.  How did I get myself in this situation? 

Please pardon my last minute jitters.  As they say in show biz, as soon as the curtain goes up, I'll be fine.
Then I'll end up putting myself in this stressful position again.  Why?


  1. The booth looks wonderful and I know you will do well and have a wonderful time talking with all of the participants.


  2. Your booth looks terrific! I hope you have lots of inventory because everyone is going to love your stuff! And don't worry, because all the other chances you took all worked out and this is right up your alley! Have a blast!

  3. Your booth looks beautiful. Wish you the best! I am sure the kits and rulers will be flying out of there. You were amazing when you did your demo at Lancaster. Have a good time this time around too.

  4. I hear you loud and clear! Once it gets started, you'll have lots of fun. Good luck and enjoy!

  5. Cheryl, it looks wonderful! The colors are so luscious! I'm really sorry I can't be there to help you. Are you bringing Bailey (the quilt)? Although it's not Curvalicious, I think everyone would enjoy seeing it. Good luck!

  6. The booth looks great! Your love of your product & quilting will shine thru your demos.


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