Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Monday

22" x 22"

The theme for this month's Island Batik Ambassador quilt is Adventuresome Applique.

 I think this piece definitely conveys my adventuresome spirit.  I have ridden my bike in the PA, DE, VA, NY, Utah, Florida, PEI, Spain, France, etc, etc.  It's a great feeling to have the wind blow in my face and smell the countryside.  My favorite thing to do on my bike is to ride over a bridge or take it on a ferry.  And the tired feeling that you have after being on the bike all day is empowering.

For 2 months in Key West, I try to get on my bike every day with my favorite companion, Bailey.  You'll have to excuse her fur color change.  She would have blended into the background if I hadn't taken a little artistic license.  And if I'm not on my bicycle, I'm at my sewing machine.

I originally made this quilt for my quilt guild's anniversary with a theme of what does our guild mean to you.  There was a designated size and fabric to be used as the background. Since joining this guild about 20 years ago, I went from an eager novice quilter to someone that travels the country teaching and sharing my quilts and techniques.  
So when I needed my adventuresome applique quilt  using Island Batik fabrics, I knew I had to make it again!  It was fun and easy and I'll share my quilt as you applique technique.

1.  Layer the background, batting and backing fabric and quilt.  I used linear organic quilting with Superior Threads, Fantastico, a variegated polyester thread.  I like a bit of shine.

2.  I used my original drawing to create the fusible appliques from the Island Batik fabrics.  Since you end up with a mirror image, I flipped it over and used the wrong side to create the appliques.

3.  I then placed a piece of parchment paper over the drawing, positioned the appliques and pressed. This forms an entire bicycle.

4.  I repeated the process for the letters.

5.  I placed all the appliques on the quilted background fabric, making sure I was pleased with the placement and pressed all the appliques in place. 

6.  I used a straight stitch with a free motion foot and lowering the feed dogs to stitch around all the appliques.  (Securing the appliques in this way also acts like quilting.)

7.  I also stitched the binding on by machine.

 What a fun project! And it looks great in batiks.


  1. Well that is adorable. I love the dog in the basket. I actually had a dachshund that would ride in my bike basket when I was growing up. Brings back memories of a great dog.

  2. That is so clever and fun....

  3. Cheryl, when I saw this I got the biggest grin on my face. It's wonderful! I thought that if I spotted it in a group of quilts I'd know right away it was yours from the bike, sewing machine and mini-Bailey, even with his new fur color. In some cooking competition shows the contestants are told "Put yourself on a plate." This piece certainly puts YOU on the quilt!

    All the best,


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