Friday, July 14, 2017

Stitchograohy With Joyce Hughes

Today, I am resuming the Stitchography interviews with Joyce Hughes.  Joyce is a very talented machine stitcher who has single handedly elevated printed panels to quilt art.

1 .1.  Please introduce yourself (actual and professional name) and describe your areas of expertise      Hello, I am Joyce Hughes. My business name is Joyce Hughes Originals. When I first started to quilt, I would experiment and play with different colors and types of threads. Then adding new and different techniques to a quilt, which lead into what I do now-Thread Paint!!! I believe I love threads more that fabrics. I current am traveling to teach and give lectures on my technique of “Dimensional Thread Painting”.

2  2.  What is your background and how did you arrive at your current job(s) 
         My background and education was in Oncology Nursing. I was hurt at work, causing me to leave that profession. I came upon quilting as an accident. I never had a desire to quilt, but a friend had a great idea to make Tee-Shirt quilts. That was my first taste in quilt making. I quickly moved on to create my own Art quilts. Which I enjoyed and just wanted to create more pieces. As I was playing and designing new quilts, I was asked to teach my technique of thread painting techniques at my local quilt shop. One store has now leaded into teaching around the county.
3 3.  How many hours a week do you devote to your job?    
           I devote at least 40-50 hrs. a week on quilting. When I add the time of sewing, designing, social media, class proposals, answering emails and traveling … I am well over 50 hours!
   4.  Where do you physically work?    
  I physically work from home. My “Studio” is a spare bedroom that is now full of threads, fabrics and machines.
   5.  What do you sell and how do you sell it? 
What I sell- Is my services of teaching and lecturing. I am teaching at quilt stores, demonstrating at quilt shows, lectures and workshops for Quilt Guilds, and an Ambassador for Mettler Threads. I also work closely with Northcott Fabrics and Brother Sewing Machines doing Dimensional Thread Painting on Panels.
   6.  What are you working on now?    
I    I am currently working on writing a Book, “Creating Art with Panels” and planning classes to teach on a Cruise in April, 2018! I am always working on potential class projects and samples for Quilt Market.
7  7.  What do you do when you are not working?     When I am not working, I love to work in my garden. I can relax and my mind goes in every direction. Many quilting ideas come to me while weeding the garden. My other favorite activity is taking walks and visiting parks with my husband, John and dog, Ellie.

     8.  Perhaps an indelicate question, but people starting out want to know - what are your income sources?     My income sources come from teaching and giving lectures.
9  9. If you could give one suggestion to someone starting out, what would it be?    
          My one suggestion is: Get plenty of rest!!! At times, it can be very tiring and draining on your creative energy. Always thinking of something new and different can be tiring, but very rewarding when everything comes together.
     10.  Where can people find you and/your products? (FB, blog, website, IG, Twitter, store     You can find me on Facebook, JoyceHughesOriginals; Instagram, joyhughes1; and my website,

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