Saturday, September 2, 2017

An Amazing Trip To Denver and The Quilt Show

I know it has been  a while since I have blogged.  It has been crazy busy and I was hurriedly trying to finish a quilt for my trip. I wanted it to be my centerpiece.

There is so much to share about my trip to Denver.  It is way too much for one post and because it is all about my quilty life, I want to share it all.  Fair warning - lots and lots of photos.
Post #1 - My visit to The Quilt Show
Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims have one of the longest running quilt related shows.  It's an Internet subscription show.  I was a guest on the show in 2011, when my  first book was published.  I was thrilled when they heard about my Mini Mosaics and invited me back.  They video in Centennial, Colorado which is right outside of Boulder.  

I packed most of my quilts and step outs into my carry on bag. I wanted to make sure they arrived with me.  In case you are wondering, they are checking the size of your carry on.  If it doesn't fit that template near the boarding gate.  they make you check it.  I was happy that I listened to the warnings.  My checked bag had my lesser important quilts and my clothes. Fortunately, everything arrived with me. Oh, and I had a quilt with me in my personal bag that I finished binding on the flight.
I rented a car and drove to the studio and was welcomed as if I was a long lost friend.  It was the day before I was scheduled and got organized. Maria Shell and her amazing quilts were being videoed.
I was able to watch from the control room.
The next day I arrived at the studio to see all of my quilts hung on the set.  WOW! What a feeling! It took my breath away and I tried not to cry.  How did I get here?

Each segment was taped individually.  Before each segment we planned in general what we would talk about or demo.  it was very easy going, with no memorization.  First they had to"mike" me.

We started in the conversation area and talked about what I had done since the last time I visited and where I had travelled.
Then Ricky and I went over to the demo area and with the producer and others, planned the next segment on Mini Mosaics.
It worked out very well.  I showed them all the step outs I brought for the demonstration and  they chose what to share to fit within the time allotment.

My last segment was with Alex about how to use Curvalicious 
to create a quick and adorable baby quilt.  
Here they are hanging on the set.

Here are a couple of photos of what you won't see when you watch the show.
 Lots of lighting and cameras.
 The audience
 Lighting my quilts

The audience can watch the show on the screen.

They taped 10 shows in 5 days.  Now the shows head to the editors.  These shows will be available in 2018.  I think mine will be available in March.  They will provide me with a link for free access to my show.  I will be sure to share.  I will also share some video that I shot in my upcoming newsletter.  If you want to see more, sign up HERE.


  1. Congratulations! I bet is was a wonderful experience. My friend Anna was there for a show too, so hoping I can get to see hers and yours.


  2. I remember how excited you were after your first trip out.

  3. Woohoo! A repeat performance. Can't wait to see the show!

  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing the show.

  5. The Quilt Show is a wonderful resource! I joined in March this year so my subscription runs out in March next year, great excuse to renew so I can see your show!!!

  6. Cheryl, it sounds so exciting!! To think, you and Maria at the studio during the same time, and I feel like I know you BOTH!! I met Maria in Houston, and have been following her blog for years. She has also come to teach in Lewes DE at Ocean Waves Quilt Guild. You each have a unique style. Your quilts look awesome "under the lights". :) Mary/


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