Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Road Trip!

Road Trip!
This post isn't about an actual road trip, it's about one of my most recent Mini Mosaic Quilts, that I've named Road Trip!

I thought Road Trip! would be a good name for this VW van.  
I'm sharing this quilt because I made it 4 times.  Why have I made it 4 times? 

I made it 4 times with different colorations.  My weakness in the creation of quilt of all different types and sizes is contrast.  It's my achilles heal.  
I must have trashed  my first attempt, because I can't find it.

So I tried it again, because I just loved the design:

I actually quilted and bound my 3rd attempt:

On my 4th attempt, I wanted to contrast the road with the sky, but it was too much ccontrast.
And a beige "street", did the trick.

The variety of fabrics used for each color make it very important to make sure there is sufficient contrast between the subject of the mini quilt and the background.  Sometimes it is more of a challenge and Road Trip! was a big challenge.  Contrast!

This past weekend, I needed my own road trip to take a break from preparing for Quilt Market. Shopping therapy is always therapuetic.  I love seeing what's new at Home Goods.  It's a great store for home decorating/quilt ideas.  I especially love their $.99 shopping bags at the register.  And lookie what I found!

Look familiar?  So cute and adorable, and no contrast issue!

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  1. Those are fun, Love seeing them in the different variations.
    The bag was perfect for you, great bags to carry supplies.


  2. I love the colors you choose! Teal VW Bus! I need one! Beautifully done.


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