Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Road Trip

When you've been cooped up inside due to all the snow we've had and the days have been gray and gloomy, the snow isn't pretty anymore, just different shades of dirt, what's a girl to do?
So our gang headed to Lancaster County, Burkholders to be precise. There was some scuttlebutt that the new owners were the old owners, and the shop was overflowing, packed to the gills with fabric. I hadn't been there in a couple of years and hadn't seen its demise.

So that was enough of an enticement to drive to the middle of nowhere to check it out. If you blink, it looks like another Amish farm. But just keep your eye out for that sign on Rte 897.

Once inside, it was clear that the rumors were true. The shelves were packed. As in the past, if they had one color of a basics collection, such as Michael Miller's Fairy Frost, they had them all.
Gene Martin, the new owner, was busy cutting my fabric, while my traveling companion Kelly was bragging that her soon to be beach quilt, aka lobster fabric, matched her red coat.

This aisle was loaded with batiks.

The prices are good, but the best part is they give guild members a 15% discount. That's huge. And Mr. Martin told us they currently have somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 bolts. He and his wife plan on doubling the amount and adding a deli and a tearoom. A place to eat would make it a perfect day out. However, there is a charming luncheonette about 3 miles away, Kountry Korner. You can search very hard for a healthy choice or bring your Lipitor. No paper plates here. Sandwiches are served on a napkin.


  1. so glad the day out was yesterday and you are well stocked for today's storm. you have such fun friends! ck

  2. oh I have a trip planned in 2 weeks to come to this area, I Love this store they always had a great selection of repro's hope they still do!
    looks like you all had fun.
    We ate in the old tavern across the street from the cheddar house!
    Its down the road a few miles...
    when you make a left out of their street.

  3. the lobster fabric is already in a quilt, can't wait to show you all!


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