Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Plant Anyone Can Grow

Hostas!  Gotta love them.  I  have a Scottish friend named Elizabeth, who is a master gardener. Her gardens are almost as important to her as her family.  I, on the other hand am a wannabe gardener.  Actually I used to be a wannabe gardener.  Now I have lost all interest in planting.  My problem was that I would have a big burst of motivation in the Spring and plant a bunch of flowers.  As long as there were Spring showers, I was golden.  
When the kids were little, I would spend the month of August with them in the mountains and my husband  would come up on the weekends.  My flower boxes on my deck were sometimes in full bloom then between the rain and occasional watering.  My husband would be in charge of these flowers while we were gone.  Between his travel schedule and late hours at work, I was very often disappointed by the time we came home in time for school.  Dead! After a few years, it wasn't worth the nagging and aggravation, so I just put silk flowers in my planters.  It did fool many people.
Anyway, back to my friend Elizabeth.  She told me about the beauty of hostas.  "Plant them in your flower pots and  they'll come up every year".  I was skeptical.  So a few years ago, I gave it a try.  The one hosta I planted lasted the summer, died back after the frost in the Fall and low and behold sprouted from the pot in the Spring. 
So now  each Spring I plant one more and each Spring up they pop. 
I have pots of them on my deck.  The foliage is so lush and it's amazing how  many shades of green there are.  It's the middle of April here in Pennsylvania look at that foliage.   I feel like a master gardener, for a bit. 
Thanks Elizabeth.


  1. I have been wanting to try that. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks to you and Gentiles, I am now the proud owner of 3 different varieties of hostas!!! I don't think the deer will come up on the deck!

  3. Ooooh, it sounds like I may have to add to my hosta collection.


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