Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Found Surprise

I am a loser.  Not in the personality sense, but in the "I can never find anything way".  I always caution people about giving me things.  I warn them that I probably won't be able to find it when it is needed.  So they usually say that they will just keep.  I like it that way.  It took me years to discover that that was the best way to deal with my loser issues.

Today, of course, yet again, I couldn't find an OyVey! Quilt that I made a while ago, but wanted to re-photograph for a pattern cover.  I looked everywhere.  I finally found a bin to look in that I hadn't opened in a while, but it wasn't there.  Instead I found some pieces that I had made a few years ago.  I stowed them away in the bin when I was trying to de-clutter my studio.  In that bin was a piece that surprised me that I made in a workshop in 2006 with Susan Shie. The class was about diary painting on fabric.  It turns out that I really like it.  I loved her class.  The theme we chose for the piece was doorways.  As I read my writing, I surprised myself.  Did I write all of  that?
No, I still have not found that piece I was looking for.  I'll find it one day when I am looking for something else.

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  1. Hey Cheryl
    I remember that piece and that class was the BEST wasn't it. Glad you found it. I have my "big feet with little shoe dreams" on my studio wall!

    Shawna from Yellowknife


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