Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creative Mojo With Mark Lipinski

I must have OD'ed on Thanksgiving dinner.  That was 4 days ago and I think I have finally recovered.  It was an especially great meal because I didn't make it.  I didn't have to clean my house for company, I didn't have to cook a whole meal nor did I have to clean up after company.  My new DIL was the hostess with the mostest.  Watch out Martha Stewart. 

But the day before Thanksgiving was a day I will never forget.  I was invited to be the co-host on Mark Lipinski's show called Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski  that is broadcast on the internet.  I had met Mark previously while filming an episode of his Quilt Out Loud show.  So I was thrilled to be asked to participate in another of his wonderful happenings.

My husband and I drove 2 hours north to Mark's place - 13 Pickle Road Studios, his house.  He met us at the door and invited us into his living room where there was a delicious tray of cookies and cupcakes.  He went over the agenda for the 2 hour show. 

Don't be fooled by his fun, easy going demeanor.  He handed me paperwork that went over each segment in great detail, complete with extensive questions.  This man is no slouch.  It was obvious that he had put in a lot of time and did a lot of homework, researching each guest. 

About 15 minutes before the broadcast was to start - it is a live show - we went upstairs to his office where there were microphones, headphones and a sound board.  During the 1-2-3 testing thing, I thought I was going to get whiplash. 

His office is filled with hundreds of books and lots of other cool stuff. ( A complete selection of Aurifil thread in a see through container really made me drool.)

I loved the carved wooden sign that is Mark's logo.  The farmer with a needle! Mark's partner designed it.

At 3PM it was time to start.  I really hoped that I could keep up with his wit and humor.  He really threw me for a loop when he asked me if I had ever smoked pot. Whoa!  Where did that come from? After chatting for a while, we  moved on to the guests who were interviewed via telephone.  The most fascinating was Franck de Las Mercedes, an artist who initiated a project sending out painted cardboard boxes filled with peace and hope to anyone. Mark had one of his boxes and it was really a work of art.  So far Franck has sent out over 9000 boxes.

One of the other guests were Kevin Hansen, who has a website where you can post your regrets:     So far over 10,000 people have posted their regrets.  It's not something I dwell on, but I was intrigued enough to check it out as soon as I got home.  Another guest, Josh Fraught, talked about the Sloppy Crafts movement.   His final guest was a good friend of his, Annie Smith, a quilter, who just published a book on applique and is the original  quilting podcaster.

The 2 hours just flew by.  I would do this weekly!  I could be my Robin to his Howard, my Kelly to his Regis, my Hoda to his Kathie Lee.  I'm in!

After the broadcast was over,  we  chatted for a while in his living room. He has many wonderful collections.  My favorite are his ceramic houses - all are quilt shops. 

He is really the nicest guy.  My husband and he reminisced about growing up in Pittsburgh.  I kept thinking to myself that I AM IN MARK LIPINSKI'S LIVINGROOM, just chatting away.  Pinch, pinch, pinch. I didn't care at all that we had to drive home in the Thanksgiving traffic. 

You can listen to the broadcast anytime.  Just go to

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  1. Cheryl, That is too cool! I am already a subscriber, but I will go sync to update my phone right now! I will imagine your smiling face while I listen to you talk....


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