Sunday, January 16, 2011

Check Out My Rick Rack Now!

The response to my post about my rick rack mess was overwhelming.  I was so impressed how  many of you are so organized.  It is definitely not my strong suit.  Among the many comments and e-mails was one from my DIL, Olivia.  She wanted to come and help me.  Who knew she was passionate about this sort of thing?  How could I not accept her help?

Olivia arrived around noon with an armload full of stuff.  She brought lunch!  Yum. 

Crab cakes,  a salad with almonds, pear and poppy seed dressing 
and a Key Lime tartlet to share for dessert.

And she brought me these adorable earrings. 

I know one thing that I will be wearing for my Book Open House.

Then it was down to work.  Olivia showed me how she organizes her ribbons.

I was blown away.  This notebook was just beautiful.  She had taken a piece of cardboard and covered it with a beautiful piece of paper and so-ordinated her ribbon colors.  The outside of the binder was beautiful too.  I had to be honest with myself and her at this point.  We could spend the day making my ribbons look as beautiful as hers, but I could not keep it so organized. 

Another option she brought was to use cardboard rectangles and one of those photo boxes.  Olivia brought all of the supplies.  She bought the photo box at The Christmas Tree Shoppe for $2.00.  (Just an aside.  Olivia turned me onto this store.  I had never been in to one, because I don't celebrate Christmas.  When we were visiting her at college a few years ago, we went shopping.  They need to rename this store.  It is packed with all kinds of stuff - cheap.  I describe it as a dollar store on steroids.)

I got out my drawer full of tangled rick rack.  Her expressions was priceless as she said "It didn't look like that much ion the photo on your blog". 
We sorted by color and started wrapping.  Of course I had lots of blue rick rack and ribbon. 
It looked so beautiful.
It took us about 4 hours to get all of the trims wrapped.  

And when we were done, that messy drawer full of stuff, all fit into that photo storage box!


  1. She can vist me next.

  2. I love it! What a wonderful way to store you ric rac and ribbons. And it looks so pretty. Very Clever.

  3. Much better;)
    I don't have that much, but enough that I need to keep it organized, instead of throwing it in drawers.


  4. Looks great I may have to copy your idea!

  5. You have a great DIL! That lunch looked delicious. She is really thoughtful. You must be a great MIL too. Your rick rack/trims look great all organized in the box and you two spent some quality time together. Great photos of the event. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I like this solution and how you can put similar colors on each card. Easy to spot in the box.
    Enjoyed your "food porn" as well ;-)

  7. Wonderful idea! I love it -- kudos to Olivia.

  8. Beautiful rick rack! I do that with sewing elastic!


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