Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Blog Tour Day #5

Stop #5 of the Quilt Fiesta book Blog Tour is the blog of Holly Knott,  I "met" Holly when I chose her to design my website.  She did an amzing job.  If you're in the market for a webmaster, you couldn't find a more professionl person.  She is aways timely in doing updates and even though sometimes I can be  pain in the A--, she was always patient and kind. Holly is also a quilter who makes beautiful art quilts and she has an etsy shop.  Visit her blog, leave a comment and don't forget to leave an e-mail address.  You can still leave a comment at Kelly's, Quilt Soup,  Grandma Coco's, Bonnie's blog.

Today my computer died.  I had talked about getting a new one, but again I have been procrastinating. Panic set in.  There are a few things on that computer that would be impossible to replace.  All those photos and my Power Point lecture presentations.  I stopped at this little white house on the highway that I had driven by many, many times with a sign that said  they did computer repair. I found my new best friend, Chris.  He would be able to transfer all thhe data from my old computer to a new one in a matter of minutes!  Not days!  Time to buy a new computer.


  1. I feel your pain. My hard drive failed a couple of weeks ago due to a nasty virus infiltration of everything. I've spent the last week reloading bookmarks and passwords. Amazing how much you take for granted the 2 seconds it takes for something to come up on the screen. Happy shopping.

  2. Kudos to Chris. I have to get a new kettle and a new microwave. They have both died. I'm glad my computer still works.


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