Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Blog Tour Giveaway Day #1

I would like to introduce you to Kelly of  www.pinkadotquilts.blogspot.com .  Kelly is a prolific  quilter who loves clear, bright colors and does beautiful applique.  Kelly's blog is the first stop on the Quilt Fiesta Book Blog Tour. (She also has an amazing quilt in the book.).  Leave a comment and maybe you will be the lucky winner of a book.  Visit here each day to see the next stop on the tour.

After asking all my friends for pix, I now have 2 photos of the most important food (desserts only) from the Open House:
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

And these very, very special cookies, made by my DIL.  
Here's a shameless plug for this fledgling entrepreneur.



  1. Cheryl,
    Your book is wonderful! Not only filled with ideas and instructions for your designs but also comes with instructions on designing personal quilts. I can't wait to write about it on my blog..
    By the way, The cookies... Can't go any more custom than that! They look like your quilts! Your DIL did a fabulous job!
    I am even more sorry that I missed the open house!

  2. Those desserts look absolutely scrumptious. I'm off to visit the first stop on the tour.

  3. There is nothing like a picture of cupcakes to get me going. Can't wait to find out more about the book.

  4. Those are cookies? Unbelievable...how absolutely stunning they are. You must have been pleased to find your quilts so beautifully represented in the baked goods. Kudos to your DIL, she's a fanatastic baking artist.

  5. Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes! Please post the recipe! And your DIL did a great job on those cookies. Wow.


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