Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sneak Peek at Lonni Rossi's Newest Fabric Line

I had a huge treat the other day. A friend of mine was in the area to play hockey. We decided to visit Lonni Rossi's shop in Ardmore, PA. ( My friend is a girl and yes she plays ice hockey AND she's the goalie and she's a quilter.) She had a few extra hours so she stopped at my house to see my studio and then off we went to Ardmore.

The first thing we noticed as we walked in the door was this beautiful handpainted taffeta on her design table.  They were just getting ready to roll it and deliver it to a customer

They were just getting ready to roll it and deliver it to a customer, who is an interior designer and makes this beautiful lamps.  Look at all her silkscreens underneath the table.

Can you see the biggest grin on Amy's face?  I don't think she stopped smiling the whole time we were in the shop.  We couldn't believe our eyes when Lonni herself, started showing us her latest fabric line.  It's not available for purchase yet and won't be unveiled until the Spring wholesale buyers market.  She gave me permission to share.  So here goes.  the fabric is beautiful.

The camera just doesn't do it justice.  It's hard to see the bees, dragonflies and butterflies and the little bits of gold in spa colors.

Lonni and me in front of two of her amazing quilts.

You can purchase fabric by the yard or as fat quarter assortments. 
Lonni gave me a color card of her "Little Lonni's" for use in designing some new projects for my work in progress book.

And look at the beautiful fabric I bought.  Purple isn't my color of choice (blue is), but sometimes you just have to work outside of your comfort zone.

Thanks Lonni, for a great morning.


  1. Gorgeous stuff...a little purple is good for you. I never thought I'd use orange and then I sat next to a quilter in a year long applique class whose motto was "orange is a neutral." Now I use orange all the time!

  2. It was such a great trip - thanks Cheryl for suggesting it. I wrote from my perspective on our visit to Lonnie's Studio in my blog today....


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