Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Always Learn Something At My Own Workshops

"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Machine Applique" was the topic of my workshop Saturday  with the Red Rose Quilt Guild.  The women had varying levels of experience, but everyone learned something new.  The wallhanging is really a sampler of all the echniques that I call "For The Birds".

This workshop is not for the faint of heart.  It is work, work, work with a little bit of fun thrown in.  With 7 techniques to learn, it's a lot to squeeze into one day.  I really love it when I hear squeals of surprise when I share some of my unique techniques.  

One of the blocks is composed of eggs in a nest.  To create the nest, "twigs" of brown fabric are fused surrounding 3 eggs.  My Mama birds did a great job building their nests!  Take a look at some of them.

So what did I learn from my students?  Facebook!  I have been reisitant to participate in this social media.  Most of my friends are not members and I really have kept no contacts from my childhood.  Who would be my friend?  I have heard more and more about using it as a networking tool to promote my book, lectures and workshops and keep in touch with my students.  These ladies in my workshop are devoted Facebook fans.  They don't read blogs.  You must, you must they told me.  So I have. Won't you be my friend?


  1. The blocks look great! Yes I will be your friend!

  2. Wonderful piece and a great class to take. I want to do more machine quilting and using fusing is fun for that. I have seen nests and think it would be fun to do one.


  3. This class was wonderful! My eggs are the plaid ones.
    I'm trying to friend you on facebook!

  4. I'll be your friend! It's good to see you in print. I want to quilt again, and you can be my inspiration. Make new friends, but keep the old.


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